Pretty girls get all the attention but guys are scared to approach pretty girls?

I've been hearing conflicting accounts. Obviously beautiful girls get a lot of attention from guys and dates...but then I hear that they are the loneliest because guys are afraid to talk to them. Which is it?

Who are the pretty girls getting approached by guys?

And why do people say that men never approach pretty women and that they're scared of them?

It doesn't make sense, one of them can't be true. Either they're lonely or get a lot of attention right? Explain


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  • Pretty girls do get "a lot" of attention, but not "all" the attention.

    In high school, the most attractive female get "all" the attention from the males. After all, what do the males have to lose? It's not like any of them are going to marry her. It's not like any of them are going to start a family with her. It's not like any of them are going to be paying for her. It's usually nothing more than a one-day ordeal. Will you be my Valentine? Will you go to the Prom with me? If a male has to shoot only one attention arrow from his quiver, it's going to be aimed at the most attractive female.

    But what about the most attractive female? What about her POV? She can only accept one arrow, and has to reject the rest. What about her ego? What about her relations with other girls? The male attention she gets is both a blessing and a curse. In the short-term, it makes her feel good. In the long-term, it taints her personality, jades her, and ruins her relationships with other girls. It's like a drug a mere child is in no position to say "no" to.

    Life goes on, and life continues past high school!

    Guys now split, with respect to the pretty girls. Sure, every guy would love to f*** them. There's a reason for the split however.

    One group of guys reason that pursuing these girls is "worth it." Why? In their head, all they intend to do is have sex with her, show her off to his friends, and when her demands start getting high, he'll dump her. In other words, he has NO EXPECTATION or plans of realizing the costs of being with her. These costs are not just financial. Since her personality has been tainted, and she's been jaded, she needs more attention and validation than most other girls. Her desire for sex is practically non-existent, so all the sex that guy THOUGHT he would be having with her, is out the window. She needs to be on top, socially, emotionally, and the relationship has to revolve around her. After all, in her mind, "she is the prize." This will cause these guys to give her loads of "initial" attention, and once her price becomes obvious enough, they'll behave rationally and leave. Why? Economics; cost-benefit analysis. Her asking price FAR EXCEEDS any and all benefits she has to offer.

    The second group of guys reason that pursuing these girls is "not worth it." Why? These guys simply go through the cost-benefit analysis FIRST. By doing so, the conclude (unless proven otherwise by her, which rarely happens) that her price FAR EXCEEDS any and all benefits she has to offer. Additionally, the benefits these group of guys usually have to offer FAR EXCEED any and all benefits she has to offer them. Therefore, it makes no sense for HIM to pursue HER, and because SHE would NEVER pursue HIM, these guys don't even have to "leave" her if they never put themselves in that situation to begin with.

    What does that mean for those girls?

    It means they get all this attention, but at the end of the day, they've lonely.

    • so guys are not really initially afraid to approach pretty girls? but afraid of giving her more?

    • that actually refutes what half of these guys are saying on the site, about how they are initially afriad to approach pretty girls? so girls that are hit on less are in reality not that attractive?

    • oh wait, I think this explains why I've been getting zero to a few attention from guys in high school, but more guys have been approaching me in college/ after high school...

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  • pretty girls complaining about not getting approached by guys? Underaged link

    • They feel they 'merit' more attention, just because they're pretty. An intelligent guy will pas his way if he feels it's a girl reasoning that way.

    • she's not even that pretty

    • thus the pompom girls end up dating the footballers...

  • Pretty girls get all the attention and still complain because they aren't getting ALL the attention.


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  • what is your definition of "pretty" you mean those those merely good looking girls you see out on a night in the city, or do you mean "pretty" as in celebrity or model status?

    Maybe the said "beautiful girls" are overestimating their attractiveness and guys aren't really afraid to talk to them, rather they are simply uninterested...?

  • I have the same doubt. It just can't be both.

  • Depends. The NATURAL pretty RESPECTFUL girls get overlooked; unless it's for sex. But the dolled-up stuck-up trashy hot girls get chased for actual relationships. So it depends on the girl.

  • yeah this has been boggling me too

    • Those so called (often self appointed!) 'pretty girls' have one good characteristic: if jou date and dump them they're less clingy.

    • yep, makes sense alright

  • pretty girls get the attention if they are aware that they are pretty ! and they get all the kind of wrong attention. But those who are humble and don't believe to be this pretty, those are the lonely ones.

    • FACTS!! Especially the last part where you said "Those who are humble don't believe to be pretty. Those are the lonely ones". That is so very true.

  • Often when someone gets a lot of attention, it goes to their heads and they may end up having unrealistically high expectations.

    I know a lot of attractive girls who will complain that no guys give them attention, and I'll say something like, "What about so-and-so who asked you out not long ago?" and they'll say something like, "Yeah, but he doesn't count." (since the guy wasn't the type of guy they want attention from). Or they'll say, "It's been a whole month since the last guy asked me out" and not realize that a lot of girls go months or years without any guy flirting or asking them out----they expect to be hit on any time they leave the house, and they expect the guys that hit on them to be the type that meets their high standards.

  • we get all the attention from the guys they don't want, the guys that suck, the guys with the worst personalities, the guys who we just aren't physically attracted to, or the guys we can't see that way

    all the good guys never approach us.

    • Women say they want confident men. That generally means aggressive douchebag.

    • A guy that is confident is a douchebag? So women should be going for insecure men?

    • EXACTLY!!! Good men NEVER approach us. Unless we are a horrible woman that treats the good men like shit.

  • Very pretty girls get all the attention, but average girls who aren't open with their body language will get ignored more than uglier girls who are welcoming.

    • That is true. But there are some very pretty girls that get overlooked constantly.

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