Does this girl like/have a crush on me?

  • Okay so the context is this. I work at a tech startup and I have a graduate intern working with me. she's been working for a few months and has another month before she heads back to school. Lately i definitely have started to like her quite a bit and I think she feels the same however the current circumstances make it hard to tell.
  • We talk all the time and she finds reasons to sit or be near me. She has other friends at the company she knows well and will see me sit and get coffee/food and come over to chat. We usually have coffee together in the morning.
  • She stands incredibly close to me. To the point that our arms often brush up against each other even when there is plenty of standing room.
  • She laughs and giggles at pretty much everything I say. I’m told I’m really funny but not everything I say can be that hilarious. She’s even told me I’m funny.
  • We have a ton in common, it’s actually uncanny, from music to future plans to family life, and she talks about her family, and other deeper things like life regrets, views on politics, religion etc etc, and she asks a lot of questions or “do I agree”
  • During conversation, sitting or standing she often, but not always has her body, like feet etc pointed towards me. This is even in group settings, or we will be sitting at a table with others, next to each other and she will rotate her whole body towards me.
  • We definitely have started to tease each other both in person and over text, and we tend to joke around a lot. She makes jokes about me to coworkers as well.
  • I’ve notice her preening around me from time to time but it’s not always obvious. She also makes solid eye contact, though sometimes it can be darty. She does have anxiety and is a little shy.
  • She pretty-regularly tries to extend conversations in person or over text. And asks questions and seems engaged as well over text. She replies quick most of the time.
  • When we are in a group and she is laughing, she usually looks to me to see if am.
Does this girl like/have a crush on me?
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