Is she stringing me along?


There was a girl I really like, we had a great time, we went so many ups and dows, she ever rejected me and asked for the 2nd chance, until we fought and had arguments, guess I've been rude to her by criticized her behavior and she said she was hurt, although I didn't mean to because I thought it was a constructive criticism and I did that because I care for her. I apologized many times but failed. So I planned to go no contact but I broke it around 2 weeks ago because I miss her, at first I broke it cordially, I texted her and said hello, I asked when she want to pick her stuff she left at my house, she said she would pick it up sometimes when she crosses near my place. Then I replied if she is still angry with me and I apologized again sincerely. Then she finally dumped me lol.

I assumed she dumped me because she made it clear, she replied that I deserved someone better, she said maybe she's not the one for me, etc. I was shocked because I didn't expect those long replies and I guess she was still angry with me, so I just replied to her with a single text, I apologized one more time and admitted my mistake, but she didn't reply to it and never reached me out anymore.

I didn't block her or unfollow her from social media because It would seem unprofessional to me since she's a coworker though we don't meet everyday (luckily), so I just avoided it whenever she posted stories, she posted a lot but I never check hers because I guess it would make me hurt reminiscing her all the time, yet she's still watching all of my stories and she's always there, I checked it because sometimes I'm curious lol, I don't know why, does she want me to keep pursuing her? What's her motive? Should I remind her again about her stuff she left? Or should I continue no contact? Thank you!

Is she stringing me along?
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