Is she just stringing me along?

Okay, so we were kind of friends a few months ago (definitely initiated by her). We hung out a bit, and I was pretty sure she liked me. However, sh*t happened that kind of ended up separating us for a little while.

Examples:Her phone was broken for a while and I thought she was just ignoring me...I ended up being wrong, it was actually broken). Then I blacked out hardcore one night and I thought I really embarrassed myself in front of her, so I kind of shyed away from her whenever I saw her.

However, a few weeks ago I ran into her (she had no idea that I was in the area still). We talked a little bit and she told me to giver her a call. And a few days later I obliged. I asked her out to lunch the next day and she said sure, but she wasn't sure of her work schedule and said she'd give let me know when she was free. Suffice to say, she never called.

But then about a week later she sent me a Facebook message saying that she forgot to save my number and that I should text her still. Felt like BS, I know. Anyways a few days later I obliged. I let her know that I would be busy for a few days but I told her when I'd be free.

She responded a few days later, which was fine (albeit a little nerve-racking). And we had a some text small talk (I know texting sucks, but I guess that was her preferred method of conversation). I asked her when she was free and she said Tuesday around 5.

So Tuesday 5PM arrived and I gave her a call. Nothing. Over the course of an hour and a half I called her once more and texted her twice. Absolutely nothing.

The next day in the afternoon I found that she had called me in the morning and sent me a text. Since I missed her call she texted me saying she fell asleep after work and woke up the following morning and she asked if I was free that day..

This all happened like a week ago. I haven't responded because I was pretty p*ssed. I haven't heard from her again either.

So I want to know, was she just stringing me along and trying not to hurt my feelings? Like was she just providing excuse after excuse until I gave up? Or is it possible that she actually fell asleep and after she apologized felt like it was up to me to see if I was still interested after she f***ed up.

Sorry for all the text! I just felt like providing some context would help. I just want to know if she's worth pursuing at all anymore because I actually really like her and want to tell her how I feel...but I also don't want to do that if she's been trying to avoid me.
Yeah, she's just trying not to hurt your feelings.
No, she might just want to be pursued.
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Seems like I got my answer. Obviously not what I wanted to hear, but it realistically it makes the most sense and I now have the initiative to move on. Thanks a lot, everyone.
Is she just stringing me along?
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