I asked a girl out and got rejected. What do I do?

Okay, so I have to give a little context. I just graduated college in May of 2021 and August of 2021 I began working at a company under my professor with one of my classmates.

Her and I rarely talked and interacted during school, but, once we got to know each other, we became a lot closer. Over time, I developed strong feelings for her, but I was hesitant to tell her because I didn't want to make things awkward at work and frankly I've never really done something like that before. To be respectful, I waited until she left work, which was only around 2 months ago.

Around a month in, I asked her to get coffee and she was open to the idea but I could tell something was a little off. Early on, I did digging on her social media and I was fairly confident she was in a relationship with somebody, but she never seemed to mention him. As time went on, my feelings grew stronger and I began flirting with her and joking with her and she seemed to enjoy the attention and our friendship / interacting with me.

At a certain point, she did agree to meet up once outside of work and me and a few fellow friends from school all got food and drinks. During that encounter, as well as very often at work, I would catch her always staring and glancing at me and touching her hair and fixing her clothes and things of that nature, so I was led to believe she liked me.

Fast forward, it's May of 2022 and she's leaving work. I gave her a very nice gift and thereafter asked her out on a date. I guess I should mention this before, but, while she was working, she was simultaneously in graduate school and would come in around 2 days a week. So, after asking her out, she claimed that she really enjoyed getting to know me and our friendship to work but "wasn't at the point to be dating anyone because she was so focused on school and a few personal things".

I just want to know why she had never mentioned a guy that entire time. I still really like her. What happened? Could someone shed light?
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My gut told me that she genuinely did like me and I'm fairly confident that, if I wait, there's a solid chance that it can work out. This story is fairly layered, so if anyone wants additional info, I'd be happy to share
I asked a girl out and got rejected. What do I do?
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