How do I get a second chance with her?


I began to date a girl who I was friends with and chatting to for about a year. Her last boyfriends treated her poorly and she was worried about a relationship and didn't know if that's what she wanted yet, but she also loved my company and really cared about me so we began dating.

Things went amazingly, it was quite obvious we were gonna become a couple, however personal struggles for her at work and home made her become a bit distant. I was head over heels with her so when she became distant I panicked and over thought. I then tried hanging out and for 3 weeks she said she was busy (she genuinely was but I thought I was being ignored). I text her and she said she actually was busy and stressed and she still wanted to hang out. Eventually she lost it with me and said I was irritating and whiney (I had become clingy and needy), she told me she didn't want a relationship with me and told her friend she's over me, however a few days later we kissed and she held my hand and I felt like she was still leaving the door open.

I took a step back and we text a lot more now into the early morning, she sends full face selfies, she initiates contact, she teases and jokes with me in person, stands close and her eyes light up qhen we talk, however she won't reciprocate my flirting. For example if I say we should netflix and chill with a divider so we don't see eachother she'll say "that's fine by me hahaha" or if I allude we should sleep together she'll say "you wish". She doesn't go distant when I flirt though and just responds quicker but won't reciprocate

I *feel* like I'm on the road to a second chance but she knows she has me by the neck so is toying with me and knows once she flirts back she loses that power and is just waiting for me to earn it. But on the other hand she could just be bored. I know lots of guys who've text her and when she's not interested she ignores them and tells them no, but she's not doing that with me. How do I get a second chance? Can I get one?

How do I get a second chance with her?
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