Is she at all interested?

  • So I have a cute girl with me at work and I have a huge crush on her and she knows it. I asked her out to hang out couple of times (cinema, eat out.. etc) nothing serious and she either says ok but never follows up or says she got no time.
  • I stopped asking her then and she started to propose things for us to do together and when I ask her to.. she says no time or so.
  • I know it is obvious now that she is not that interested but she always shows a great deal of interest either through text or at work when i start to walk away but then she’s cold/hot again. She text me a lot and spend great deal of time in work chatting but outside of work she always not there.
  • What is the right move here? Should I just move on for good? Or should I wait her up?
Is she at all interested?
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