What does quick eye contact means?


So, there is this girl, that I know from School (we've studied in the same class in 5th and 6th grade) and she's really beautiful (in physical terms and in personality terms) and smart. While at "recces" (I am in High School rn) I've noticed that she looks at me and quickly look away to the side, we usually have 1-2 seconds of eye contact, and I've read about this, but I am still can't figure out if she likes me or if she's just feels like my face is familiar or something like this. I would really appreciate any kind of help with this.

(I'm not from a native English speaking country, so my question might not be as clear as I wanted it to be, any questionsto know more about "my case" would be appreciated)

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Any questions for more information would be great.
What does quick eye contact means?
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