When does eye contact mean something?

When does eye contact between a guy and girl mean something such as an attraction or interest as oppossed to when it means nothing? How can you tell the difference?


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  • I love this question! :D

    When eye contact means something, it feels as if everyone else in the room has just fade away. I know it sounds cliche lol, but trust me! I know what I'm talking about! :) It's like it's just you and him. It's as if you're being pulled in by his eyes...drawn in irresistably.

    When it's just attraction, it's not memorable because of the eye contact. You might remember it because the guy was really cute or because of the way he looked at you, but you'll know for sure it's just attraction if you don't feel compelled to stare into his eyes. It's hard to explain...

    • Thanks for your answer. So what would you say in this instance: There's this guy that used to like me and I liked him. Still do. Long story short we basically had to stop talking. A while ago, I was headed out and I saw him. I saw him, he saw me and we looked one another directly in the eyes for a few seconds. I had even forgotten that there were people around us. Then he finally said "Hey" to me. Do you think that might've meant anything?

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    • It shows and I kinda think that's why you're trying to make this eye contact bigger than it was. Even if it did mean something, it will soon mean nothing if you don't make a move...

    • I did. I contacted him yesterday.

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  • zinnymeow : First, that doesn't really have to do anything with the question. Second, untrue. Most people prolong eye-contact when lying, because of this believe.

    Anyway, to answer the question.

    When the eye-contact only lasts a moment, it propably doesn't mean anything. When people prolong it in a regular conversation, that could mean flirting.

    Best bet is to look at the size of the pupil. When we see things we like, they become bigger. So if someone has huge pupils when looking at you, they're really into you.

  • It always means something, until you realize she was looking at the guy behind u..

  • yeah zinn is a missinformed girl nervousness makes you also not hold eye contact be it nervousness from a crush or lying. if it is really quick glances or him staring at you that's attraction in between is more some one observing their suroundings


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  • You can tell the difference. You can't really explain it, but it's like speaking through your eyes. If you have a prolonged eye contact and either of you don't look away, there's usually something deep within you that's being tugged at, and you can just TELL whether he's just staring at you because you're staring at him, or he's staring at you just as much as you are staring at him. It's a deep, soft connection that you two are sharing even if you don't realize it. Eyes are the window to the soul.

  • look out for it if you believe that someone isn’t being truthful, as most people can’t keep eye contact when they are bending the truth.

  • When it's prolonged eye contact that happens frequently (not just by chance), this means he sure likes you.


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