Ladies, when you're upset, why do you do this?

If you are offended easily, do not read this.

Why do you speak and present your feelings and thoughts that are based on emotion as facts, and demand that your emotions and whatever thoughts you have about literally anything that pops into your mind when you're upset are truth, facts and reality, even when they can be so far fetched from reality that you literally sound insane?

I mean, all women are different but it's possible many do this, and it just baffles me and I literally don't know what to do..
.. I don't understand how you getting upset about one little thing all of a sudden connects to 5 things, then 10 things, then 25+ things that you forgot you were also upset about and then you're furiously enraged and there's nothing a guy can do about any of it and it's obvious you hate, no, DETEST, us.

You push and slam us away and then also become furious and pout when we're not there and disrespect us behind our backs and talk to your friends all about how men this and men that and men are bad and compare the evil stats of this guy to the other one like we're fricking villain trading cards, and on and on and on and on.. It's like you're trying to ruin our lives.

Honestly who in the universe do some of you think you are? Do you really think that you're perfect goddesses while us men are the evil villain peasants that you can laugh at while we battle with demons you never even knew existed let alone ever conceive of?
Some of you will NEVER understand how hard it is to strive and break yourself and battle through living hell just to be a good man in this world of evil men. You will never understand the pain we feel when no matter what happens or how we feel or how broken we are, we just keep going, and we do it all alone, we cry alone, we break alone, and we get back up and keep going, alone, by ourselves with not a human soul that could ever truly understand or care.

I don't get it. God help me because I need it.
Ladies, when youre upset, why do you do this?
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Originally this was a question, but morphed into a vent of sorts, I guess I feel a little better now that I spilled a bit of my heart on the ground for the universe to step on. Maybe I'm a little pathetic but, you decide. The problem we face is that the world expects us to be invincible, to just keep going regardless of what we face, and we never talk about our problems or how we feel because women just laugh at us and men just tell us to man up, so we keep everything to ourselves.
Ladies, when you're upset, why do you do this?
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