Ever been bullied by a girl group?

Can we talk about bullying when you’re a fully grown woman…

It’s different to what you experienced in high school. It’s passive aggressive and targets your insecurities and self esteem.

I guess you could say the “best friend” I had since I could remember anything - turned against me a couple of years ago (when I was getting engaged and she got jealous).

Since the marriage didn’t happen we still hung out (I didn’t know boundaries), and she met all my friends.

Now they’re all a friend group and they started leaving me out and being very passive aggressive towards me.

I blocked the “best friend” about a year ago but she still kept showing up to my friends’ events and purposely leaving me out.

My other “friends” started ignoring me (my texts, seeing me, and all). And now they’re a happy friendship group posting stuff on social media and I’ve just been kicked to the side :)
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Sometimes (like today) it upsets me because I feel betrayed. But most of the time I work through it. Better things are coming hopefully.
Ever been bullied by a girl group?
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