Guys, Should we reassess the purpose of a good mani/pedi?

The vision for a classy polished nail (a trend that actually goes back to the 1920s) was everything to a young lady trying to look more sophisticated (or a woman trying to look less haggard). In the 70s/80s, as more women entered the workforce... the functional weekly mani became a thing. The "big hair, big nails" fad of the 90s soon launched -- and having survived high school at the time, I honestly thought this was behind us, however seeing the styles now... OOOF! While some are perhaps cute, they're not functional at all... What's the purpose of treating your hands like a charm bracelet or a high school scrap book?

The fad misses the point of having one's nails and hands maintained and presentable, which was the original purpose of the mani... and the reason that even many guys go for manis today... A person's hands say so much about them... their character, their age, their trials... The handshake is important and so the hands should always look a certain way, conveying confidence and such...

Who is looking to shake your hand -- or even approach you --- if you look like you're going to put your own eye out? Who are you doing this for?

Perhaps I'm missing the point of this new form of expression in an era governed by the ridiculous IG/Snappa-Frappa whatever... I just don't see the point of all this muss and fuss.

Girls... you need to sit this one out. I know... I'm going against my gender, blah... blah... blah. There will be a FLOOD of haters among you who are dying to respond because you want to defend this style... I can almost HEAR the clickety clack of your outrageous nails now. You do you. I'm not judging you. I'm just saying this doesn't make sense to someone older who values classy functionality.

And so... Guys... PLEASE BE NICE as you weigh in on this. If you saw a girl with a really hyper-constructed mani, would you approach her or take her seriously? What's your take on the hyped-up, 3D, 2-inch nails?

Guys, Should we reassess the purpose of a good mani/pedi?
Guys, Should we reassess the purpose of a good mani/pedi?
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