What is the obsession with posting pregnant “bump” pictures?

Full disclosure. I understand the concept of creating new life is precious and a gift.

But I have seen so many girls post pictures showing their bumps.

(Guys, if you agree with me on this. Like the question)

1. I’ve seen some were not going to lie it looks nasty… the girl has the vertical line on the stomach or the belly button protrudes like crazy.

2. Something I definitely took into consideration when seeing this but imagine how women that are infertile must feel when looking at other women post pictures like this…

3. Personally I see it no differently than if women that were simply overweight posted pictures with their bellys out… but girls don’t do this.

What explains this behavior?
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To those that talked shit. I’ve asked 3 positive questions and none of you answered lol so I’m a “debbie downer” nah. Ya’ll just enjoy talking shit. You know who you are
What is the obsession with posting pregnant “bump” pictures?
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