Why doesn't my boyfriend do nice things for me?

I LOVE to do things to make my boyfriend happy.

I cook for him.

I clean up after him.

I buy him little things that I know he likes.

And the list goes on...

We get along great. We are best friends. We have the same silly sense of humour and we have a great sex life but there's something missing.

I have only been with him about 3 months. He says sweet things sometimes and tells me I'm beautiful but he never takes me out or does anything out of his way to make me feel special or loved in any way. When he does take me out, it's to benefit himself and has nothing to do with me.

I found myself crying in my office today because I long for a man to take me out and make me feel like the princess I am. To do something nice without me having to ask. Even when I do ask, he says we'll do something and NEVER follows through with it. I don't think I am as happy as I like to think I am.

I really, really like this man. I'm not sure how to approach him about it or if I should at all. Don't get me wrong, we have a BLAST together, but lately I feel like I deserve more from a lover.

Do I talk to him about it? And how? Or do I just move on before I'm in to deep?
Why doesn't my boyfriend do nice things for me?
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