My boyfriend doesn't do anything for me that's inconvenient for him?

I asked him to pick me up from work and it's on the way maybe 15 minutes off course. Hr does have to deal with a lot of traffic but he basically said I'm tired after over time (he does do heavy work) but the thing is he does NOTHING that's of any inconvenience to him for me. I can't even remember the last time. We live together for 2 years now and I've known him since Nov 2013. Is this a stupid thing to break up over? Becauae I'm honestly fed up. Only time I feel like he cares for me Is when we have sex


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  • It's not stupid because you have a right to your feelings and it sounds like this goes deeper. I'm guessing he doesn't do a lot of things to make you feel important to him. So yeah, either have a very serious long talk with him about how you feel or end things and find someone that will appreciate you.


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  • Sounds like he is just using you for the sex. I don't think it is something silly to break up over. A relationship is about compromises and caring about and for each other. If he doesn't meet your needs (not sexually) it isn't a happy relationship.

    • Tbh that's doubtful he could get sex every day if he wanted to and as could I, we are both very attractive people. I don't know if he just comfortable in general or just doesn't show effort either way it sucks

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    • That I can completely agree with. So what do you do when you know you could do better but will probably not love as much as this again?

    • I would leave anyway, because this situation is driving you insane, and it probably won't change very soon. It is his behavior, and he has to make the changes himself. Breaking up over behavior is a justified reason.
      Don't think you can't get any better, because who knows? The next relationship could be all you have been looking for.

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  • He's gotten to comfortable with you. Stopped putting in the effort. Make him work for the sex, it may make a difference but be a jerk about it. Just be straight up

    • Making him work for sex would be just depriving myself of it. I've already talked to him about it and was basically told to suck it ip

    • That kind of sounds like an a hole to me. If I was the guy in your situation and was told I was getting to comfortable and I didn't change, it's because I don't care too. Chances are I won't, unless I had too

  • you could be happier...

  • really rude not to help


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