My boyfriend doesn't touch me is this normal?

So any time we wind up having sex I go down on him and When he's ready to go he expects me to just come up and have At it He told me that he is not used to touching anybody because his ex Would reject him every time And I've tried my best to be understanding of that But now it's been almost a year That we've been together and he still doesn't even run his hands down my back Much less kiss me or anything else during Am I reading way too much into this and need to continue being patient or is he just not into me but won't say by the way I did accuse my ex Every but never filed charges because we were married so The boyfriend doesn't believe me about the Rape and I can't confirm it with my husband because he passed away But I think my boyfriend Is hesitant that I would ever say that about him
My boyfriend doesn't touch me is this normal?
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