Do shy nerdy guys, date outgoing girls?

If you're the " shy " kinda nerdy type - how much would it bother you to have a girlfriend who is pretty attractive, and outgoing? You guys have a lot in common, like she can settle down and enjoy your company, but she also likes to go to parties, drink a little, and is friendly ( just friendly,) with other guys, but turns down other guys advances because she cherishes you so much?

I ask because there's this idea against outgoing girls that we're slutty and don't make for good girlfriends, and somehow get out of guy's leagues or having that lifestyle can be intimidating for quieter guys. I really love quiet nerdy type guys and would take one over some obnoxious wild guy any day. I want a nerd guy but I think they might be worried about dating me because of a vibrant social life and typical outgoing person habits like drinking and partying.

Do shy type guys prefer other shy types to date? If your this kind of guy, could you date a girl who was more outgoing?
Do shy nerdy guys, date outgoing girls?
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