I feel like I'm undesirable to guys?

I'm a shy, traditional kind of girl. Nerdy and goody goody in that many people know me and call me "sweetheart", "nicest girl ever", etc. I don't drink, do drugs, smoke, etc.

Not that those things make a person bad but hopefully you get what I mean.

Throughout my life I feel like guys overlook me a lot. As a kid I got no attention at all until I was about 17.

I have only briefly dated one guy and he was terrible. I picked the wrong guy, completely. He was a manipulative liar and didn't care about me at all. I was just an object to him. He did things like touch me when I didn't want to be touched, lie to me about the kind of guy he is, and said he wanted me only because I was so great but he was hooking up with other girls behind my back.

I have a nice body and I present myself well and I have worked so much on my shyness. I also try to be a good person and be a dateable version of myself. I dress really well and I'm much more outgoing and I even approach guys I like.

I've grown a lot. But I'm insecure about feeling desirable, especially after my horrible dating experience.

I do get told I'm pretty and I like the way I look. I've put my picture on sites just to get feedback and people rate me highly- 7 to 8 on average.

But I just feel undesirable somehow. Can someone please help?


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  • we trend to be our own harshest critics. take the opinions others have bestowed upon you and accept them. plus its a nice little confidence booster.


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  • There's nothing wrong with you. If fact it sounds like you have an awful lot going for you. I would encourage you to look inside yourself for your self-worth, and not to people outside yourself (whether that be guys or anyone else). You just haven't met the right guy yet, but you will. Don't get discouraged!

  • I'd have to agree with bertmacklin I would have said the same thing but he beat me to it girls tend to be their own worst judges. but there is a guy out there who will see you and think that you are a freakin supermodel. everyone has that one person who thinks that they are the most beautiful thing they have ever laid eyes on

  • youuu souunnd perfectt :oo , thats the kindd of girl that im interested in :O hard to findd...

  • im sorry to read that. i feel the same xD but i guess i can give you some advice may work for you
    1- shying is good in girls but when a guy comes and talk just be less shy
    2- if you like someone try to find a way to talk or grab his attention dont be like me XD


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