Did she actually like me?

Five years ago, no doubt this girl had a crush on me. Her friend even came up to me and told me "she likes you", referring to this girl. Even people around me were saying so. I didn't care at the time. About two years pass by, she sits beside me and puts her arm on my shoulder and would giggle when I looked at her. A few weeks later, she's sitting in front of me. I'm interested, so I flirt. She responds well but tell's her friend "He like's me but I don't like him..." But ends up flirting with me the rest of the year, showing many IOIs and making se xual jokes and gestures. I enjoy her advances but didn't have to guts to ask her out. Her friend asks me out during that year and I accept, she seems proud of her friend. The next year comes and she tries to get my attention by showing more obvious IOIs, I enjoy her advances but I was quite rude to her considering I was using her as an ego boost and I would blow her off and push her away because it was a bit annoying and she would say and do things to piss me off as well. The signs get more and more obvious and eventually her IOIs start to silent except the only thing she would do is ask me questions and find ways to touch me. Although, she stopped when my best friend said anything, no idea why. This year, she's moved to another high school... I caught feelings for her when she was gone so I decided to send her messages on Facebook (she added me), she started to get shady when I became desperate for her attention I was also a little rude to her in some of my messages. She remove her comments from my pictures... I tell her that I want to talk to her and ask her for her phone number. She says "I'm wasting my time here..." I guessed she wasn't interested so I don't talk to her for two months. I send "yoo"... She doesn't reply, I tell her to "forget about the messages I sent before". She doesn't reply... She has a conversation with her friend on her wall and mentions that she has a boyfriend. I block her on Facebook in rage. I feel disrespected. My friend has a crush on her, but I can tell she probably isn't interested in him, however she said that she "might" go watch a movie with both him and I. I tell my friend that I don't want her there and that she is going to flake. He wants her to go badly, so I take matters into my own hands. I send her old phone number a text, telling her to "not show up" because "I won't enjoy her company". She pretends to not know who I am am by replying "who is this?" She then asks if it is "my name" then tells me to "relax" and that "she is not thrilled to go anyway" I say "cool." she repetitively calls me "bro" I tell her not to, she jokingly continues to call me "bro" I reply with "f*ck off" she then says that I should "move on" and says "bye sir"... I feel so disrespected. She's the type of girl who flirts with other guys but I felt somehow "special" because she stuck with me in a room full of guys and she wanted to hang out with me. I'm done with this girl but your tak
Did she actually like me?
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