Everyone thinks she likes me except me. Who's right?

There is this girl at college I used to talk to a lot just as friends. She has a boyfriend at home. About two and a half weeks ago she started acting flirty, but at the same time started acting manipulative.

Now she is always testing me it seems to see what I will give in to. She acts really giggly and flirty but it seems fake. Then occasionally she will put on this she's angry at me act, or be bitchy.

I can tell she is trying to manipulate me and I overheard her brag to another girl about having me under control. But everyone else seems to think she likes me.

Some girl she knows ran up to her and pulled her away from me at a party and said "you have a boyfriend!" Some other guy I know said he noticed how she is always flirting with me. I said she's just playing games and he said but she ignores every other guy.

I let her know that I know what she's doing and don't put up with it, but she keeps trying to test me.
Everyone thinks she likes me except me. Who's right?
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