I'm doing nothing but she's acting weird

Hi guys!

Anyway some time ago I meat this really nice girl that I really started to like and we really hit it off and everything was going great but then in one moment it all went south for no parent reason. She just said she wasn't interested and there was never any interest on her part anyway. Witch I didn't buy for a second because I had a feeling that she got cold feet and backed off.

Anyway I can't say I wasn't hurt but I didn't show it and acted all normal toward her but for some reason she kept ignoring me one day but a little less the next. So a few days ago we sort meat each other by accident and talked and even laughed a little. I even thought she looked like she missed my company a little.

The next day she was a little more but still at least not ignoring me and speaking to me a little.

But yesterday I get an I'm from her asking me 3 times if I was there and then finally she just wrote me that she couldn't see me for a while because it doesn't feel right or something along these lines. The thing is we hang out in the same crowd but I can't excuse from where we hang because my work is related.

Well here's what I don't get. She told me she wasn't interested and that here was nothing there and that she wasn't going to bother herself with me. Now if that all is really true then why all the wired mood swings and the blowing off stuff. Since I wasn't angry at her and I didn't act in any rude way toward her.

I mean if she really didn't care about the whole situation why is she writing me crazy texts that she doesn't want to see me when I've been keeping my distance.

I really, really like this girl but she's strange and I don't understand her.
I'm doing nothing but she's acting weird
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