Shy guy is ignoring me. Why? Is he mad, not interested or too shy?

There is this guy that I've known for a while. I have always had difficulty in talking to him as he is very shy but that has never seemed to bother me until recently. He seems very nervous when I approach him, he is staring into the floor and his cheeks turn red. He cannot maintain the conversation and he fidgets a lot. He stares from afar, but never approaches me first. So far - all signs the shy guy might be interested. But when I try to text him, he only responds if he sees the message right away. If not, he doesn't. And I have told him how much I hate that, but I cannot get an explanation out of him, it's like he doesn't know what to say (when the conversation gets personal, he is always like that.. this is a bad sign, right?) Should I ask him if there is something wrong? Is he jealous or what? It was last week when he saw me talking to another guy for a while, but that guy is just a friend and I doubt that he was jealous. But the shy guy has been acting weirder and weirder. He ignores me when he is with his friends and he doesn't smile when he says hi to me (I don't smile either, it just kills me to see his straight face with his mouth slightly opened). I feel so hurt, I cannot understand him. Why does he ignore my texts? I thought that shy people act more naturally when they aren't facing the other person. Can you please tell me what's going on? Is he a very very shy person or just not interested in me at all?
Shy guy is ignoring me. Why? Is he mad, not interested or too shy?
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