4 Tips for Getting the Most Useful Poll Results

Posting questions with polls is fun, and it's a great way to gather a large quantity of opinions on an issue or question. But there are also lots of problems to think about. It can be tempting to see your poll results as statistics that can be trusted or believed, but it's important to remember that your results are greatly affected by how you ask the question, the options you provide, and the motivations of the voting population.

All of these factors can result in results that are not accurate and therefore not useful. Below are some tips for creating a poll that will give you results you can actually trust- with a grain of salt, of course! Always remember that no matter how carefully you craft your poll, the results should be taken only as an indication of what might be true, not as fact.

Tips for getting the most useful poll results

1. Always have an option that says "Other" or "See results"

If you don't have an option for every single individual who might come across your poll, people may choose options that don't apply to them just so they can take a look at the results you're getting. This can mess up your results big time. Providing a blanket option that allows people to vote without affecting the results can help ensure that your results are as accurate as possible.

2. Make sure your poll options work with the title of your question AND the body of your question, not just one or the other

Remember that sometimes people see your whole question when they vote, and sometimes all they see is the title. If you have yes/no poll options, make sure that your title and your body paragraph don't phrase the question in opposite ways. I.e. if you want to know whether people prefer blue eyes or green eyes, don't have your title say "Do you prefer blue eyes?" and your body paragraph say "Do you prefer green eyes?" if your poll options are yes/no.

3. Mind your wording

Unclear options that are hard to decipher can confuse voters and lead them to choose the wrong option. Consider your wording carefully, and make sure others will interpret your wording the same way that you do. Keep your phrases short and simple. Don't forget to check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation as well.

4. No matter how careful you are, your results still aren't fact

Understand that mischievous voters, confusion, accidental clicks, and numerous other factors can all affect your poll results and make them less accurate. Also remember that the GirlsAskGuys community is full of amazing people, but we aren't necessarily an accurate representation of the rest of the population. Enjoy your results, but take them with a grain of salt, and use your own judgement when making decisions.

Good luck, and happy polling!

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  • also post a good picture, it helps to bring more people into your poll

  • Good Take, I think a lot of people will benefit from these simple tips!


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