My tips on posting great Questions and Polls here on Gag

Questions and Polls
Questions and Polls

So for those of you who don't know me let me introduce myself. I am Coach T Anthony, I am a dating coach and long time gagger. (no pun intended) I have been on GAG now since 2015. During my tenure here I have posted some doozies. Juicy viral questions that stirred the pot so bad that it broke the spoon.

If you are curious what those were don't worry I will list a few down below. What I wanted to do in this myTake is to give you a few pointers on how you can do the same and get some crazy engagement.

1. Click Bait

My tips on posting great Questions and Polls here on Gag

Choose a title that will draw people in because it triggers emotions inside of them and makes them want to join in on the conversation. For example: You could ask "Would you ever cheat on your partner?" or the juicy version would be "Would you ever cheat on your partner for 10 million dollars?" This adds a little emotional catnip to the mix because now you are more specific on the reason why somebody would choose to cheat.

2. Respond Respond Respond

My tips on posting great Questions and Polls here on Gag

Don't just post the question and poll then go to dinner. Hang out for a while and comment or thank people for commenting. When people see you are engaging with others they will also comment wanting to engage with you. Many people don't want to comment if they see the "Asker" not engaging on the question. The more engagement the better chance it has of getting promoted.

3. Have Fun

My tips on posting great Questions and Polls here on Gag

Don't ask questions or polls that you are not interested in. That is no fun. Stay in your niche for the most part. The more you know about the subject the more engaged you will be with the comments. Just because the subject is popular doesn't mean it will be fun to post.

4. Use the Update Question feature to your advantage

My tips on posting great Questions and Polls here on Gag

If you had a lot of engagement on the last question that you posted then use the update feature to thank everyone and invite them to your next question. Post the link after you thank them and everyone who engaged on the post will get a question update notification. They will appreciate you thanking them for engaging and most likely check out your next viral sensation.

5. Pick an MHO

My tips on posting great Questions and Polls here on Gag

Many people leave this to the site to pick the MHO for them and that is a big no no. You can choose up to 4 MHO's per question, 2 guys and 2 girls. If you have more then 4 good answers then use the update question feature to give honorable mentions. Rewarding people who engage on your post will keep them coming back for more.

Thanks for checking out my post. Here are few questions of mine that got lots of engagement.

Would you CHEAT on your partner for 10 Million Dollars?

No matter who asks who out...Can we just all agree to split the bill?

If your partner cheated on you... would you get revenge by cheating on them?

My tips on posting great Questions and Polls here on Gag
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Most Helpful Girls

  • el_Te_de_la_Rosa
    Thank you very much. I can notice that when you use the click bait strategy. (In real life I intend to trigger people with my silly questions sometimes. Very interesting to see their reactions.)
    However, my English is not that great. I still need to improve it. Without body languages, facial expression, tone of voice, it's hard to tell someone's emotion. (even when I use sarcasm in face to face conversations, many people don't get it.)

    So far, I love your questions. They encourage me to think and analyze more. Well, I post your questions on my social media too. My apologies, I should have asked for your permission first. 🙇🙇🙇
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  • Anonymous
    Great advice!
    I was wondering is dating coaching a real profession? How does one become a dating coach? Do you have a degree in psychology, sociology or something? Does it pay well?
    A MyTake about it would be interesting
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    • Great Idea. Will keep that in mind! It is a real profession but there is no specific criteria that you need. You just got to be fucking good and if you aren't you will be exposed!

      I think Experience is key! A good friend of mine is a female dating coach... check her out here

Most Helpful Guys

  • zagor
    So is dating coach actually your career? Are you paid for it? Is it your primary source of income, or just a sideline?

    I was actually approached at a singles event by a younger guy who gave me his card and told me he was a dating coach and offered his services. I don't remember the details but I think he would go to a bar with you and help you with meeting women.
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    • Yep I do this full time. I don't go to bars with people though. I mostly help people with online dating.

  • Creepazoid
    Dating guru? Im gonna hold you to a higher standard and hope to see what you would do or your own opinions on the subjects/situations that you post up in your questions in updates after a good amount of people has already responded
    Is this still revelant?
    • You sure you can keep up grandpa? 119? LOL

    • This ol man still has some spring in his steps, i think ill be just fine amongst you whippersnappers

    • Don't forget that fiber intake at your age. lol Thanks for the comments :+)-

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • SydneySentinel
    I always have more people I would have liked to give recognition to so the idea of honorable mentions is a good one.

    Thanks for sharing.
  • PrincessKittyAZN
    WOW you're a dating coatch! :D That's what I really need in my life as I NEED dating advice!
    by the way, great post! very very helpful!
  • Has GAG hired you yet? They should with all this leg work you’re doing for them. 😊 Great post!
  • BlackRoseFairy
    Coach, you're spot on as always! Thanks for the advice! 😀
  • Loving_Husband
    Great post! I appreciate the advice, especially since I am new here. I try to stay pretty active though.
    • Brim11

      You know there much things people need to learn from relationship

    • Thanks! Welcome!

    • @Brim11 We trying over here Brim!

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  • Wowgirl30q
    Very professional very nice.

    Worthy of the name you hold
    • Hey thanks! Much appreciated!

    • I try to give credit. Honestly good advice not everyone can be great naturally I sappose πŸ˜€

  • AngelLily
    Where does one find the thing to make a poll also where is the update thing?
    • I am not sure I follow. You can make a poll or a question about anything you want. The update question option is right below the actual poll or question itself.

    • AngelLily

      What I meant is wear is the option to make a poll? Also thanks for answering the update thing

    • If you are on your phone... look down at the bottom you will see a + with a circle around it and underneath it said's "ask"

      If you are on a PC you just go to POST up top on the right hand side and do it from there! You can only create a MYTake like this one you are currently on through PC though. Hope that helps!

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  • CubsterShura
    The easiest way is just to use controversial political terms, extra bonus if it has 'feminism' or 'feminist' in it 101% guaranteed to go viral then lol, and ask questions mainly targeted towards men (I noticed if I asked two same questions but one for men and the other for women I got more responses on the question for men).
  • ask4any
    Please excuse my ignorance, but, what is an MHO? I probably already know, right in front of me more than likely, just can't see it.
  • 1828avaava1828
    Nice take coach! You work up the game plan and I’ll execute it!!!
    Every time!
  • Daniel3035
    ... Aren't you part of the G@G website or something?
  • smahala1991
    I usually don't condone clickbait, but on GAG it can work
    • As long as it's not dishonest then I am good with it too!

  • Darkistoolight__
    Hey! How do you add pictures in the middle of text?
  • MistiGal
    Are you sure you're not a sales person? hahaha...
    • jadoe

      Lol. No

    • You crazy! :+)-

    • MistiGal

      sometimes... hahaha... nah, you sold that well coach! :))

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  • Kayla45
    Thank you for the tips and tricks, coach.
  • 13IsALuckyNumber
    You seem to know what your doing.
  • BronzedAdonis
    Good stuff
  • moo07
  • Anonymous
    Excellent advice from you, as always.