I like GirlsAskGuys a million times more than the Millennial trash that is Reddit.


I recently joined GirlsAskGuys a few weeks ago and it's so refreshing to be on here. It's the total antithesis of Reddit, except for the lack of "intellectual" discussions. It IS social media, after all. However, where Reddit is filled with a bunch of whiny immature super-soy Millennials bitching about white men, "cops are evil," "orange man bad," and BLM NOT being full of racist trash, GaG has users ranging from 16 to 65, and most of them, like 80-85% are centrist/rational thinking. Some are far-left/progressive/SJW, but they're like 5%, at best. Compare that to how Reddit is 80-85% SJW and filled with fart-sniffing pseudo-adults who think having a mortgage makes them grown up and mature, while they talk sh*t about Trump, white people, men in general, and espouse feminism and BLM like the most petty, retarded, teenage cyberbullies you'd ever imagine. I LITERALLY can't think of userbase on the entire internet worse than the Reddit/Twitter hivemind (they're all the same users).

When I joined Reddit years ago, I knew the horror stories and how it was known by everyone as "the c*m dumpster of the internet." But since Quora was filled with even bigger SJW's at the time (it's since calmed down a lot and has more intelligent people on there), I gave Reddit a shot. Within days, I was banned from subs like /r/Politics, /r/OffMyChest, /r/AskReddit, /r/NoStupidQuestions, /r/Answers, and pretty much ALL the major subs you'd think would be politically neutral or have no politics in them at all. I wan't even TRYING to be a provocateur. That's just how sh*tty Reddit is. And this was in 2015 before Trump even announced he was running for president!

Nowadays, I just sh*tpost on there. Trying to take Reddit seriously is like trying to take a subway clown seriously. (Unless, he's one of those ones with a gun who has clinical depression, that is.) Reddit/Twitter legitimately makes one feel sorry for the human race and its infinite stupidity. BlackLivesMatter is the biggest example of how retarded Reddit can be to where they can't separate an idea (treat people like equals) from a toxic ideology (it's okay to loot, riot, break sh*t, get rid of all the police, and literally break down and destroy society because "police man bad.") I can't even comprehend being that f*cking retarded. Literal five year old children are more intelligent and logical than this. If you're a grown adult and your brain is this dysfunctional, then you legitimately should just stay at home the rest of your life and do nothing to continue ruining society. Of course, the Reddit/Twitter Millennials are like this with every sh*tty ideology, from BLM, to feminism, to anything social justice related, to Western politics as a whole. They're so brain-dead, they'll legitimately believe guys like Biden who imply if you don't vote Democrat all the time, you're not black and that your identity must be linked to a sh*tty political party. Almost like, people CAN'T be individuals.

"All women are oppressed upper middle class white women who need feminism. All black people are uneducated victims of systemic racism and too illiterate and retarded to elevate ourselves through education and hard work, and we need those rich white Democrats to come save us because we have no agency. All gays and trans people are super-sensitive twinks who are emotionally fragile and can't take any criticism and needs the world to kiss their ass at all times. Only liberals are peace-loving, non-racist, non-sexists. All conservatives are evil white racist men." Blah, blah, blah... This is how f*cking retarded the Reddit/Twitter Millennial hive mind is. (And yeah, I know not all Millennials are like this; at this point, I'm creating my own meaning for the term, not describing literally all 23 to 38 year olds. I'm 33 and don't consider myself a "Millennial.")

GirlsAskGuys isn't perfect, but it does have some 16-23 year olds showing more class, tact, intelligence, logic, reason, and common sense than you'd EVER see on Reddit/Twitter. It really does make me very hopeful for the Zoomers. I think they grew up seeing how pathetic, mentally weak, and fragile Millennials (again, only _some_ of these people of this generation, not all) are. I think Zoomers will be the antithesis of Millennials and tend to avoid trash like Twitter and Reddit or, like me, only use it to sh*tpost and mock other Redditors for being retarded nitwits. That is to say, Zoomers are far more intelligent and worthy of respect than my own generation are. And GirlsAskGuys has displayed that a lot in my short time here. Sure, a lot of the questions are sex based or petty (mostly just women asking for outfit advice or explicit sexual questions), but the general thought process seems to be a lot more diverse and varied than Reddit/Twitter EVER is. There are some far-leftists here, and even a few hardcore traditional conservatives. But the majority seem to be moderate right, or moderate left leaning, or centrists like myself. Some of them tend to be 16 to 23 year olds giving the most intelligent answers on society, politics, and life in general and seem like they'll make great adults. Far more than the sh*tty fourth wave feminist, BLM piles of absolute failure that are in my age group.

But yeah, GaG a million times better than the Reddit/Twitter useful idiots to Soros. And that's all I gots to say 'bout that!

I like GirlsAskGuys a million times more than the Millennial trash that is Reddit.
I like GirlsAskGuys a million times more than the Millennial trash that is Reddit.
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  • Anonymous
    I agree, it's definitely better here. But GAG has it's share of extremists on both the liberal and conservative side of the aisle. The ones that seem most striking are the female feminists with blue GAG accounts who are constantly pushing their crazy social agendas and posting anti-male garbage.
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    • Anonymous

      Thanks for MHO.

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  • I was shocked to see how hive minded reddit is. One little difference of opinion and they flip out. That's ok that just mean reddit is only listening to its self, so it is an echo chamber and are out of touch with the general population.
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    • MCheetah

      Yup. It's been that way for YEARS now. People were saying that back in 2014.

    • Yeah I thought reddit was for discussion. Quickly learned it is for indoctrination.

    • MCheetah

      Yeah; mostly if you're a far-left simpleton who can't think for themselves or separate simple ideas from radical ideologies (feminism, BLM, identity politics, etc).

  • NYCQuestions1976
    Nice Take. Well said. Echo chambers are both boring and you learn nothing about other opinions or ideas. Also you're definitely spot-on about what you wrote, distinguishing between the idea of black lives matter (proper treatment and equality for all) and the well-organized, hijacked, corrupted movement (burn and destroy everything).
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  • PrudentGuy
    G@G Cautions:

    1) many guys are in Pink 😁😁😁

    2) many questions are coined by staffs of G@G, especially pretend to be girls asking bold sex questions.

    They do so to attract guys to give good, long answers.

    3) "real" users are usually teens who hope to get their curiosities satisfied.

    Many tried. And real girls will have hundreds of PM a day until they cancel their account.

    Hence caution. Be it Reddit or here, 70% of "relationship stuffs" are fake or inaccurate.
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    • Exactly this. I've been on G@G bit longer and after switching to reddit, I honestly prefer Reddit.

  • IAMNathanael
    I like that gag is smaller. It's easier to know people.
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  • Physics-Man
    I agree. This site is far better than those SJW ladden cesspits. There are more conservatives and centrists here.
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  • Texaskid1
    Welcome to the loony bin...
    I hate Texaskid1!!!
    I hate Texaskid1!!!
  • Juxtapose
    This site has a lot of pussies but you're right.. Reddit is far worse.
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  • BloJo
    G@G has a broad range of topics. Most of the posters think before doing so.
  • becreative321456987
    I agree one million times
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  • Anonymous
    I enjoyed The_Donald before it got banned. It was like coming home and then going out into the ghetto when leaving it. I left before TD was shutdown. I had like 80,000 karma and used four times that arguing with liberals. Fun times.
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