GirlsAskGuys, A Troll's Guide

No, this isn't a guide to avoid trolls, but to become one in the best sense possible. A bad troll is motivated by self hate externalized on other, a good troll is simply someone who can see the humor in everyday life and pushes that humor onto others whether they want it or not. Now, let's begin...

GirlsAskGuys, A Troll's Guide

1) Leaving comments on opinions, but not leaving an opinion yourself.

This feels strange to the question asker/Take owner that you expended energy on comments but not opinions. In reality, it's often much more fun to interact with those who chose to comment than with the egomanical asker/take writer who spent too much time contriving the question/take. It's also just fun to mess with question answerers who didn't expect to have to deal with more than the asker/take owners comment on their opinion. You can just go down the list one by one giving everyone sh** for their comments and just generally being cheeky.

2) Hitting any guy who makes any possibly sexual comment or insinuation towards a girl who's under 18 with Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator

Lmao, at his judgmental stare. No words neccessary.

3) Being purposfully difficult to overly passionate take owners by using socrates method of questioning every opinion anyone has ad infinitum until they finally get tired of explaining themselves despite having invested over an hour of their time and serious thought while you were joking the entire time.

Explains itself.

4) Telling girls with decent butt pics that "meh, you'd pass" when honestly if you had the chance you'd probably go ahead and slap it.

Meh, 5/10...

'Cuz it's sometimes fun to keep them on their toes.

5) Writing Takes That Have Nothing to Do With the Site knowing it will infuriate the GaG police.

Said every female moderator to every male user on this site ever...

Just when we were having come the boring humorless mods to come wag their fingers indignantly.

6) hashtagging your name on every take you write when you know it makes you look exceedingly arrogant and also 7 years old.

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#lightenup #ibettimunderstands #anna

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