5 Underrated Values of Guys That Actually Make a Difference


We all love the fairytale aspects of relationships. Yet, at the end of the day, relationships rise and fall because of very simple, unsexy, reasons. Here are five things that sound really stupid and you'll probably roll your eyes at but are actually important things to consider as well as you develop as a man.

Raise Your Credit Score

This is by far the least sexy of the positive traits a guy can have, but it will save you such a headache later on if you get started today. Your credit score should be above 700 and anything else higher than that is probably pointless. Who cares? You say. Rap videos would have you believe women want to have sex on a pile of money but the REALITY is when you're building a life with your lady or even just supporting her as she learns to stop living off daddy--it's amazing if you've got your finances together. What's more--it's actually a great to make money. If you invest in a mildly aggresive IRA (retirement account) and contribute around 200 dollars a month for the rest of your life then by 60 you can live off a 100,000 per year for doing NOTHING and you don't have to rely on Uncle Sam giving a crap about you. You good. Many women are impressed more than they would by you driving a benz because the former shows that you will always keep her safe and the latter shows that you like to buy yourself expensive toys (women are selfish too!) Finally, as you get older women can be brutal about a man who doesn't know how to handle his money and is constantly forgetting to pay off his credit card bill, is constantly maxing out and paying in overdraft fees etc. It's tiresome and it's one more thing the other guy is doing that you're not doing. Obviously, it takes a while to get a great credit score so you should start today.

Clean Your Apartment

It's a little weird when you are as anal about your apartment as she is hers but it actually goes a long way to make her happy if she walks in and everything looks really nice. It's one of those drugs...like thongs are for us...that even if you're being a little annoying if you have an apartment/house she really LOVES she'll be over anyway. Women tend to be very influenced by their surroundings and so an ugly/messy apartment can make her upset even if she doesn't know it's doing that and even if you yourself are doing nothing wrong and by contrast a very cool/clean apartment can make her overjoyed even if she's not consious of it. Again, it's also just one less thing you have to hear her insult you about. Finally, since it's not something most guys think of as being that important (typical guy: the POINT of a girlfriend is to clean my apartment why would I already have it clean??) it's a thing that oddly matters to a woman in her decision making when she's evaluating yoru pros and cons though she probably won't be aware that's part of her process.

Read Books

I think a lot of guys actually enjoy reading and learning but I think we as men aren't encouraged to let side of ourselves shine. Girls tend to love it when you can teach them something about anything (although I for one don't like to be learning when I'm talking to a girl so perhaps the reverse isn't true.) Heck, you could even teach her about the splicers in Bioshock and even if she doesn't care one bit about videogames she could enjoy just that process of getting new info into her mind from a well read man.

Travel the World

Girls like a guy who can show her an adventure but the problem is a lot of guys have lost that naturally adventurous spirit and it's a hard thing to fake. When you travel the world it changes you. You're a man who's always looking to explore and avoids routine (although reading the news on my iphone and drinking my favorite brew of coffee seems to never get tedious.) It's not so much about bragging about all the countries you've been to, it's more about the man in turns you into. You've experienced more of life than she has and so she gains something by experiencing you. Again, women actually want to GAIN something from the men in their lives they don't just want to have things TAKEN (usually their body but also nuturing etc) so it's important to ask--how am I an improvement in this girl's life? (it doesn't have to be an actual improvement like making her a better person but more about what is she getting from being with me?) With so many eager males, is this the right guy is a constant question on many girls mind's and travelling is an instant investment on your value.

Be a Meditation Guru

I preach meditation a lot but I know for guys at least it usually falls on deaf ears but consider this...you go to the gym to build your body nice and good and maybe you do it to look good but then you lift something really heavy with ease and you get that good feeling of how powerful you are right? Well, your mind works the same way. Meditation is a daily grind at the gym. If you center you find that people's attempts to attack you (much more common than physical attacks in this day and age) have less of an effect on you. You have a mental six pack. Girls tend to be much more mentally strong because they tend to socialize a lot more than guys do throughout their lives. Meditation is a man's way of becoming resilent and unbothered by the mental games girls play.

I know what you're thinking about all of these things I've said...

5 Underrated Values of Guys That Actually Make a Difference

But the right girl will, for this is the path not of the Nice Guy but of the Good Guy and the Good Guy not only gets the girl but keeps the girl.

5 Underrated Values of Guys That Actually Make a Difference
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