The Romance in Bromance


I have a theory that in many ways a true bromance takes the place of a straight man's need for romantic, monogamous relationships. Let me endeavor to explain...

Many Bromances have a lot of physical touching

The Romance in Bromance

Physically touching someone even if it's just a shoulder is a powerful bonding technique that makes someone feel more connected to you. Bros fight, bros give a firm shoulder pat, bros hug it out. In this way, a straight man gets out his need to be touchey feely with another human being just for bonding purposes so when he gets home to his girl he's ready to go straight to the business and rolls his eyes when she insists on a cuddling first.

Many Bromances have a level of emotional intimacy that one or both bros are incapable of having with a woman

The Romance in Bromance

Bros, share everything besides a bed. Heck, I know a lot of bros who've slept with one girl at the same time. A Bro can confide in his bro in just about anything. He can lay on his troubles and although his bro won't hold him, his bro will give him hard, true advice that comes from a place of caring and bro love.

Many Bromances are more important to each bro than any girl they could possibly date

The Romance in Bromance

They both have a lot of girlfriends they they run through in succession, yet their bromances remains stable and true. They have more fun when they're with each other than when they're apart unless they're having sex or asleep. This is because their bro is the only person with which they can truly be themselves. They've bonded completely with this person and so they experience an endorphin release similar just by seeing them similar to if they ever found their soulmate, which they won't because they're too busy playing foosball with their bro.

The Romance in Bromance

If this is making you a little uncomfortable than good, I've proven my point. There's a bit of homosexuality to a bromance that we all pretend is there, but it is. Just like how the huge plot twist ending of Y Tu Mama Tambien that launched the career of one of Mexico's biggest director's (Alfonso Cuarón) when the two players chasing an older woman end up making out and having sex with each other was shocking but pretty believable. I don't think many bros would actually try sex with one another, but in the sense that all gender identity is essentially fluid...they'd probably want to. Sorry Bros...that's just what it seems like...

The Romance in Bromance
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Polocrew
    Don't listen to 3/10s sexually frustrated sloots in comments OP, they just mad because Bros just pulling Bros than their sexually frustrated hillary asses lol they never gonna get laid like this.

    Braws before hoes, braw
    Is this still revelant?
    • tony72722

      Bro.. want to suck my cock later because we bros? lolol. No homo

Most Helpful Girl

  • Luci92
    OMG this is literally the most accurate description of two guys I know!
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    • pavlove

      haha thats funny

    • Luci92

      And they're so touchy feely! Like they always have an arm around each other, like in the photo lol

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  • DarkHumorRUs
    Bromance is pretty much only shared among popular guys/jocks/stoners I think. I have great guy friends, but we don't get all touchy all the time. Or as my roommate says, we "don't do any maricon tricks".
  • HookingSwan
    well, I guess they can have their little gaymance, until one of them finds the lady he can and that deserves that he shares everything with XD

    No prob ;)
    • and yes, I agree that gender identity can be fluid. More than we are aware of sometimes or willing to admit

    • pavlove

      haha yes exactly :)

  • bluenose1872
    Always somebody gaying up a friendship. My best pal is like my brother has been since we were about 10. You better believe none of us has ever wanted to nail the other. Maybe it's just you
    • pavlove

      or maybe it's just you two haha

    • What we're the only straight male friends in the world you mean?

  • Chief16
    Thank you. I've been wanting to write a MyTake on Bromance. This ones very good.
  • Nik1hil
    Okay this take has 50% bromance and 50% gaymance, just curious how many brothers you have? .
    Cause the last paragraph was totally gay.
  • nalaa
    So what you're saying is men want to be monogamous in every aspect, but sex?
  • croxy
    Yeah I guess bromance isn't for everyone. I sure don't get touchy with any of my friends.
  • brandog0
    i love my bros but not to the point of being gay lmao
  • TheBraveLion
    So true man! XD Great mytake :)
  • James19
    great take...
    good loints
  • Luke225
    Well this was truly interesting. :)
  • Anonymous
    I love bros and find them endearing.
    • pavlove

      lol you want to be that woman in the last pic

    • Anonymous

      In my dreams 😍😍

  • Anonymous
    So, your saying if your bro got implants and some butt injections it's fair game? .. Lol girls act in such Ways with each other but I don't want to ha e sex with them. and why can't you cuddle with your girl and share your feelings? This doesn't make sense , if your in a relationship I'd think their is a sense of trust, so why not show your trust by being physical without it being sexual and sharing your emotions? I've come to the conclusion when my gay friend said all Men are somewhat gay you really are.. lol
    • pavlove

      lol god I'm not a bro I'm gettin insecure people are starting to think I'm saying something about myself I'm not hahah

  • Anonymous
    That's gay
    • haha, bros b4 hoes ;)

    • brandog0

      your just mad because your man put his bro before his hoe

    • Anonymous

      If my man was gay like this, he wouldn't be my man. I'd leave him with his boyfriend and find a straight guy. This shit is like an asexual relationship, fuck that.