Seduction killers


Hello everybody. This take is about seduction killers, a.k.a. the shit that will instantly kill any attraction, and ruin your fucking life.

Now, you will most likely recognize yourself in at least one of these traits and behaviors I'm about to list. Don't worry. Almost everybody does. We're human. We make mistakes.

That's the reason I'm writing this take, once you can put your finger on the fucked up shit you are doing, you can stop doing it and become more attractive.

Before we start, I gotta mention that I can't take all the credit, this take is based on a few books and researches done by people much smarter than you and me. On the other hand, that means you are about to get more than just some random internet dude's opinion - you are getting actually valuable information.

Also note that in most of these pictures, it's the guys who are the fuck ups, but it's meaningless, I just didn't find better pictures, all of this applies to both genders.

Now, without further ado, let's dive right into it. These are the basic types:

1. The Rusher

"Yeah, that's cool and all, can we fuck now already?"

"Let's get this over with" is the attitude you take to a colonoscopy - not to a date. Being impatient, and trying to rush the process is extremely unattractive. Seduction is an art, one that plays more on people's unconscious fantasies and desires than on the conscious, logical mind. As such, it needs to have a pace. A pulse. When you eat a delicious meal, do you prefer to shove it down your throat as fast as you can and get the fuck outta there, or do you enjoy every bite, as the tastes mix in your mouth and you feel almost orgasmic? Yeah. Same should be done here.

The main issue is, people get rejected much more than they would like, and they go through the conversation and the flirting all the time, but the final phase (sex), they don't see it nearly as often. And to them, it's like watching a movie, and then missing out on the last 20-30 minutes when everything is coming to conclusion. And doing it over and over again, never actually seeing how it ends. Naturally, the next time you sit down, you get the urge to skip all the shit you've seen and get to the end. Of course, this justifies you in my mind perhaps - not in your dates. There is no excuse for such behavior, and if this is your type, stop what you are doing. Now. Your next date is an entirely different person. They want to "watch the whole movie". If we stick with the movie metaphor, imagine if the roles switched. You sat down to watch a movie for the first time, and some asshole next to you wants to skip until the very end. It only makes you not want to watch the movie with that person. Well, same goes for seduction. Enjoy it. Take it slow. Part of the pleasure is the time it takes. The anticipation.

2. The Needy Fucker

"Hey I don't know much about you except how you look, but I love you!"

This one is obvious - and you all anticipated it. The needy fucks. People who will walk to the ends of the earth for you, even though they don't know you. And the behavior itself is deceptive. They don't go all crazy about you so soon because they are overwhelmed by your very being. No. They do that shit because they have an inner void. They have a puzzle box with a missing piece, and they don't give a fuck about your shape, they just want to squeeze you right in there. We all tend to idolize the people we love, but understand that love takes time to develop. Keep yourself in check. A subspecies are the famous spineless doormats. People who will do whatever the fuck you tell them to do. Never having an opinion or an attitude of their own.

And not only should you make sure not to be this type - you should also avoid dating this type. They will cling to you until you are forced to pull back, they will lay the guilt trip on you, and overall are impossible to get rid of without at least some drama and trauma. They will ruin your fucking life. We are all suckers for a good ego stroking or ass kissing, but deep down inside, you know when someone's intense emotions aren't related to anything you actually said or did. Trust your gut instinct. And stay the fuck away.

3. The Teacher

"You are pretty cool, but I will make you so much cooler"

While many of us masturbated to the fantasy of fucking our teachers when we were in school, none of us actually fantasized about dating them. Seduction is a light-hearted game. And these fuckers, well, they take an entirely different approach to it. They have their own fixed attitudes, and they will constantly criticize you, judge you, and try to make you bend to fit their standards. It may seem like it comes from a good place, that they want to help you be a better person. However, this behavior in reality comes from their personal unhappiness and a hidden desire to dominate those around them (and not in the fun way). And even if they did genuinely try to help you, it still wouldn't be a good thing. There is a fine line between sharing useful suggestions and ideas with somebody, and lecturing someone. And they are on the wrong side of that line. They are completely unable to adapt, let go, and enjoy, and what could be less attractive than that? Seduction is all about enjoying things. Whenever you feel like the other person is being wrong or stupid about something, has a bad habit or whatever, unless they directly ask you for advice, try to either roll with it and suppress the urge to lecture them, or if you absolutely must, throw an idea in the least invasive way, just present it as your casual view on the topic. And if you already gave them one of those a few minutes ago, by all means, don't give another one now. Telling someone what to do with their lives is definitely not attractive.

4. The Cheap Fuck

"Sorry to interrupt you, but the waiter is coming, I need to get the fuck out of here ASAP"

This one is very simple and very obvious. Whether it's being cheap with actual money or not, cheapness is always a turn off. Not saying you should spend a fortune on random people, that's fucking retarded and is also unattractive because it shows desperation, but being comfortable spending money when the situation requires it says you are a normal, cool person. Being a cheap fuck usually means you are afraid of letting go and taking risks. As I said, it goes beyond money, and it can come in various forms, not just with money. This one is arguably the most unattractive trait on this list, and the real danger of it is the fact that cheap fucks are usually completely unaware of being cheap. They will give some small irrelevant shit, material or not, and feel super generous. Take a good look at yourself. You are probably cheaper than you thought. Go for selective generosity. At least when you are out with someone you like. Now, I repeat once again, selective generosity. As I said, don't throw money around, and don't get tricked by the other person into buying them shit just to prove you are not cheap.

5. The Self-Conscious Fuck

"Oh god, he/she must think I'm a fucking loser!"

Being self-conscious is good. In moderation. It keeps us from looking and acting like fucking hobos. However, being overly self-conscious is deadly when it comes to seduction, and is a silent killer. You won't hear it mentioned too often, but you can see it VERY often. I personally struggled with this for years, before realizing it. The self-conscious fucks are always worrying about how they look, or about the consequences for them of their attempt to seduce you, either way are overly focused on themselves and incapable of getting outside. The key in seduction is being bold and smooth, letting it flow naturally and not giving each other time to rationally think and analyze. While constantly analyzing and second guessing yourself is killing attraction on the spot. The self-conscious fucks almost never even reach the final stages of seduction due to their nature (and even if they do, they fuck it up), and in fact this trait is often the hidden, real reason, why some people stay virgins into their late years. Let go. Stop worrying. Stop analyzing yourself. Be overwhelmed with the other person. Fully experience and enjoy the moment.

6. The Self-Involved Fuck

"Cool story, but listen now, this one is cooler because I'm in it"

Now that we covered self-consciousness, it's time to visit this type. Conversation is crucial in seduction. However, so are body language, looks, indirect actions and a handful of other things. Too much talking suffocates it. Especially if you are talking about yourself all the time. It just shows an overall vibe of selfishness and self-unawareness. People who do this don't have the inner "am I boring you?" compass, at least not one working properly. Now, that is a slippery slope, because asking yourself the above mentioned question too often, and you slip into self-consciousness. You need to find a measure. You need to season it properly. The truth is, all people are selfish to a certain degree when it comes to talking - you will rarely hear a person come back from a date complaining all they did was talk about themselves, and even when you do it's the extreme cases, where the other person acts as if they are keeping government secrets. People love it when you show interest in them, and they can talk about themselves. When you stroke their egos and tickle their balls. But you need to keep yourself in check. Don't flood them with random information about you. Take interest in them. Wait for them to show genuine interest in you. Make them crave that information, instead of handing it out for free.

7. The Sensitive Snowflakes

"I can't believe you said that!"

By now we already established that seduction should flow naturally, be playful, light-hearted, spontaneous and fun. So I think it's pretty obvious why analyzing someone's every word, and getting offended or emotional over dumb shit is unattractive. And of course, it makes the other person comb their own words and filter them, and then it makes them wish to be somewhere else where they didn't have to do that. People have more than enough filtering as it is in their lives. You can't tell your boss to go fuck himself - at least if you want to keep your job. You can't tell your best friend to eat a dick when they require your help and you are just not in the mood. So when going on a date, people want to be able to let go, and have a little fun. To be themselves. And the last thing you need is some fucker on the other side who is going to get his/her panties in a notch over an obvious joke. And closely related to such behavior are whining and complaining - another two extremely unattractive traits. Learn to take light jokes at your own expense and laugh at them, genuinely laugh. And if you see that the other person can't take a joke at theirs, get the fuck outta there.

8. The Fucking Hill Billy

"First I eat this, then I eat your pussy!"

This one is the most obvious one. Being a fucking hillbilly and an asshole has always been unattractive and always will be. Not saying you should wear suits all the time, hold doors and kiss hands, fuck that, all I'm saying is - show some fucking class. Seduction is delicate. Pay attention to details. Know when to be subtle, and when to be slightly aggressive. Sexual innuendos are great to escalate things when you already built a certain level of comfort with the person, however if you start throwing them around to early, or at an inappropriate place, you are just being a fucking retard, and you sure as shit ain't gonna be seducing anybody that day. Have taste. And not just with innuendos and words. Have taste with your sense of style. With your choice of food and drinks. With the way you smoke your cigarette. With the way you touch them. Again, attention to detail and feeling the pulse of the seduction is everything.

There you go. These are the basic types of behavior you do NOT want to project, and that you probably want to avoid in your choice of a partner as well.

Thank you for reading, share you comments, opinions and questions below.


Seduction killers
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    I think I know what you mean with number 4, but in a way I also feel that the idea of "cheap" very much depends on how well you find yourself financially.
    Like those kids who complain they only got some cheap snickers for Christmas and not an iPad like their friends, but fail to recognize that, although cheap, that present might have been bought with love and even sacrifice.

    What is little to some, might be a lot to others.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yes, but as I said above, it goes beyond money. Even a poor person can set some money aside for a date. A date doesn't have to be a fancy dinner, it can be a walk in the park, bowling, or whatever. Cheapness is a bad trait that actually has little to do with the financial situation, and more to do with character.

  • TayTay21
    Pretty good list, really. I agree with all of them. The basic problem in all of these is lack of understanding of the world around them. People get so caught up in their own heads and what they want and think that they have a hard time really connecting with someone else.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • monkeynutts
    I think people should be themselves, if your a fuckup, be original, and if your a loveable arsewhole, be a good one and I will enjoy you being around and forgive you for being stupid.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Sounds good, doesn't work

    • Unfortunately I don't regard many people I meet to be worthy of my attention, I take them as I see them, and try not to judge them too much.

    • Not talking about individual preference here, the types I described repel people on a subconscious level

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  • Eridan
    It's fun reading this considering that about half of those (first half generally) apply to me :D or, well, applied to me at some point. I keep learning.
    A good take.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Yeah, I felt that way when I first found out about this as well. That's why I shared it, to try and help others as well. Thank you for reading!

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  • yucychan
    The hillbilly one one made me laugh. I like this take.
  • Volvagia
    -bald people
    -fat people
    -ppl that say a lot of stupid shit
    -arrogant dickheads
    • Those things are the mostly individual preference, you have girls who go crazy for bald guys, or fat guys or whatever

    • Volvagia


  • Cask23
    So basically being a beta boy liberal is a romance killer.
    • Well I never said it, but I agree. And tbh being a weak fuck or as you call it "beta" is not only killing romance, its just unattractive to people in general. Friends, business partners and pretty much every kind of relationship in your life, sexual or not, works better if people perceive you as a winner

    • Volvagia

      a winner in what? What ever happened to humility?

    • @Volvagia humility was never an attractive quality. if it was, people would go nuts over priests instead of rockstars

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  • unomilkis1
    This is kinda weird, I mean if these are showing to an extreme manner, yes there is problem but other than that these are more or less quality that everyone has. So.. wtf?
    • They are bad qualities and seduction killers, and yes this is something that virtually everybody has, it only depends how much are they present in a person's behavior. If they are extremely present, the person will struggle to ever find a partner. If they are present in little to medium amounts, the person can have a normal dating life but will always have issues and setbacks in their love life. Eliminate these, and your dating life will greatly improve, you will become a lot more seductive

  • bamesjond0069
    If you act like a hillbilly and she still all about you, you got a keeper. LOL. Fr fr.
  • Pejtu
    So u are all of them or one of them u made that list looking in the mirror :P
    or from your experience :P
    • Partially from experience, partially from books about psychology, human behavior, seduction etc. And I was more than one of them when I first found this out

    • Pejtu

      If u are reading PUA u are dumb as F ;)

    • Its not PUA, that is bullshit and 90% of the things they teach dont work in real life. This is psychology related stuff, written by people much smarter than you and me

  • Kaneki05
    Like your name but's that's legit the only thing i can say.
  • katkittie55
    Ugh, number 2, 4, 5 and 7 are the absolute worst.
    • Yet so many people do this without even knowing it

  • thebigc
    If I fall into any of these categories I'd say it's self-conscious
    • There is healthy self-consciousness and then there is being overly self conscious. Know the difference

    • thebigc

      @PsychoKiller I agree it's probably more than healthy in my case. Then again, I don't feel as self-conscious when I know my date better.

  • Good take
  • RebeccaSJ
    Good list.
  • LuWe22
    Very good. =)
  • Rapidash
    I like this!
  • Hilarious😂
  • Eryxx
    I agree.
  • emotrashh
  • Halucinator
    Legit points😂
  • Browneye57
    You make this one up? Or poach it from somewhere?
    • As I said in the beginning, the essence is taken and combined from a few books, I processed, simplified and personally tested the material so that everybody can understand without needing to read multiple books that dive into human psychology, seduction and behavior. I didn't make it up

    • Consider giving takes on your own original material, not something you poached from somewhere else. It makes you much more credible. Just think what we would have here if everybody just copies crap from somewhere else.

      That said, they're spot on. But this stuff isn't generally something you can teach a guy - he needs to develop his manliness on his own accord.

      Q. What is the most effective form of birth control?
      A. Point and laugh.


    • Well it isn't a direct copy, its a combination from a few sources + personal experience as I said. I thought it was worth sharing. Either way, thanks for reading

  • Anonymous
    Can you make a post of how not to be on this list or how to do the correct things in each one?
    • I may write a take like that in the future, but in the meantime just recognizing these can help you a lot in avoiding them. Which ones did you recognize yourself in and you want to correct? Maybe I can help you here in the comments

  • Anonymous
    @METOO was the end all dagger that was driven into seduction dating while MGTOW is finalizing it.
    • Anonymous

      Excuse me, that's #METOO

    • yeah, both feminism and mgtow are cancers of society and healthy relationships

    • Anonymous

      MGTOW is about men protecting them selves from the tyranny laws that persecute them. So why don't you explain how MGTOW is cancer?

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  • Anonymous
    Or just be rich
    • Rich will get you sex, but thats as far as it goes. Its better to know how to seduce and charm people, sexually or not, because money can be lost, can go away. And with charm, its a lot easier to even earn the above mentioned money, and achieve a lot more in life overall