Nice Guys Vs Gentlemen

Nice Guys Vs Gentlemen

There are confusion between the 2 and honestly, they might sound similar but when you look further, nice guys and gentlemen are different. Nice guys are the ones who try hard to impress and seeks validation from whilst gentlemen are just themselves and is confident.

Here are other differences between a nice guy and a gentleman

1.) Nice guys keep chasing someone who doesn't like them while gents know how to step back.

2.) Nice guys fake their personality just for a woman to like him, gents stay true to themselves and knows if she likes him, she'll respect him.

3.) Nice guys depend their happiness on someone. Gents know how to make themselves happy.

4.) Gents are only chivalrous to their S.O. when needed but nice guys are too chivalrous.

5.) Gents admire their partner's achievements and accomplishments while nice guys get intimidated by them.

6.) Nice guys initiate everything, while gents know how to put the ball to her court.

7.) Nice guys like attractive bad girls who walk all over them but gents know their worth, thus they like simple ladies with a true heart.

8.) Gents have a life outside the relationship while nice guys are needy.

9.) Gents don't care if you are with another man (as long as you 2 aren't actually doing something behind our backs) but nice guys get jealous when you are and act overprotective.

10.) Gents value themselves and won't settle for anything less. Nice guys will do anything for their partner even if that means losing their dignity.

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Nice Guys Vs Gentlemen
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  • zagor
    None of those things you say about nice guys are true in general. Some nice guys have no trouble with women at all, others are socially incompetent; neither is related to being nice. A real nice guy doesn't fake anything, because they are comfortable in their skin. Nice guys are generally nice because they are happy in their life, and don't mind helping out others. Nice guys usually wind up with nice girls.
    • zagor

      And nice guys pretty much never go around saying what nice guys they are.

      You may be thinking of the BS "nice guy" definition that tends to be bandied about on GaG.

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