What it means to be an Alpha male or a Beta male


Someone on GAG recently answered a question about alpha males and beta males, and I thought that their answer was the most realistic one out there to this question. They acknolwegded that both alpha males and beta males are necessary for society to function properly, and I agree with that. However, their answer was short and I want to explain that in more detail, in this MyTake.

A lot of people misunderstand what an alpha male is, they think an alpha male is a rude, arrogant, misogynistic bully. They think alpha males are no longer compatible with scoiety, and barely exist anymore. That is incorrect.

Alpha males are just as common in the modern world as beta males, or men who are neither alpha males, nor beta males. It is society at large that decides who are the alpha males in their society, not the alpha males themselves. Society has always seen men with a rare set of traits as the traits of alpha males, those traits have never changed.

Alpha males usually end up as leaders of any group they are a part of, whether they want to be the leader or not. When members of a group see the traits associated with alpha males in the behavior of any person within that group, they start to encourage that person to take up the position of the leader. This can apply to any group, from a group of friends at school, to a group of militant mercanaries. Wether that group does good things or bad things is not relevant, alpha males exist in both, groups of good people, and bad people.

It is difficult to describe what charm is in words, but charming people tend to be liked by almost everyone around them. These are people everyone wants to hangout with, these are people everyone is nice and helpful to, these are people whom others easily trust. Charm makes a person follow the individual that is charming, you could say charm has a magical effect. Such people tend to exude confidence, women tend to feel drawn to them in their physical presence, other men tend to lose their confidence around them. There is an aura of dominance around them that cannot be explained in words properly. Such people are not afraid of new experiences, they do not breakdown at the sight of a seemingly impossible challenge, they simply carve a path out for themselves. These are the reasons why they are expected and encouraged to be leaders. There are alpha females out there as well, who embody all the traits that an alpha male has.

A lot of people misunderstand what makes someone an alpha, it's not money, success, or power alone that makes someone an alpha. Alpha males and females are first and foremost survivors, usually those who came from nothing. These are the people no one expects greatness from, yet they survive and they achieve things that leave a permanent mark in society and the minds of the people. It is overcoming those experiences that are considered impossible to overcome, that makes someone an alpha. Without conquering the impossible, having money, success, or power, is just being privileged.

Though there are a categroy of people who are not alpha males or females, but they have what you could call the attitude of an alpha. They are confident and charming, they believe in themselves, they are not afraid of the unknown, they are ambitious and they do not feel threatened by others or their successes. They are not necessarily survivors though. Most women are highly drawn to such men sexually, wether those women be alpha or beta themselves.

A few examples of alpha males and females are: Keanu Reeves, Elon Musk, Eminem, J.K. Rowling, Joan of Arc, Spartacus, Augustus Caeser, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin.

Some fictional characters who are alpha males and females are: Vito Corleone (the Godfather), Michael Corleone (the Godfather), Voldemort (Harry Potter), Bruce Wayne (Batman), Sarah Conner (Terminator), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider), Alice (Resident Evil), Daenerys, Jon Snow, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Petyr Baelish, Varys (Game of Thrones).

Now for the other part of this MyTake.

Contrary to popular belief, men and women who are not alpha males or alpha females, are not necessarily beta males as well. Beta males and females are just as rare as alpha males and females. Most men and women embody some traits from alphas, and some other traits from betas. There is no label for those people, and they are the majority of the population of the world.

Most people do not understand what a beta male or female is, they think beta males are people who are too psychologically or physically weak to function in society, that is incorrect. Beta males are healthy individuals who are passionate about helping others, they prefer living for others instead of living for themselves. They do not feel threatened by alpha males and they do not mind following an alpha male or an alpha female. They are a necessary cog in the machine that is society, without their willingness to help those in need and without their willingness to follow, society could fall apart. They make the world a more positive place for everyone.

Beta males are passionate about helping others acheive the goals they have set for themselves in life. Beta males are willing to shoulder your burdens, so you could feel at ease. Beta males are the kind of friends who would look after the child of a single mother, so she could go out and have a fun night. Beta males are the kind of friends who would help you study day and night for a test. They are the kind of friends who will selflessly listen to you when you are going through a tough time, like a breakup, divorce, or if you are recovering from abuse, etc. Beta males feel good when they do these things, it increases the feelings of positivity in their life. Men and women who are being nice to you to get something from you are not beta males and females. They are simply bad people.

While beta males have adequate self-esteem, it may seem like they are pushovers sometimes. Beta males are willing to let go of past offences, if they believe you are genuinely remorseful. Beta males do not seek revenge, they are very good at moving on from a negative experience, which is part of what makes them good at helping others move on from bad experiences.

Beta males do not have a big ego, they don't feel the need to win. Instead, these people would sabotage their own expected victory, just so someone they care for could feel better about themselves. These are the kind of people that will ignore mild bad behavior, if they feel like that the bad behvaior was a temporary act done under a state of stress and rage, or if they feel like the bad behavior is a part of the other person's personality, that it was not intended to hurt. For example, some people swear a lot while others find it offensive, a beta male is likely to ignore if someone were to swear at them, unless it was being done constantly and if it was specifically intended to hurt their feelings. Even then, the beta male would simply let the other person know that it not nice to swear. If the other person continues to swear, the beta male is likely to ignore them instead of swearing back or starting a fight.

Beta males are calm and gentle, and prioritize someone's emotions over other things. They tend to have deep friendships with their friends, and very intimate relationships with their partners.

So, alpha males and beta males are not the opposite of each other, if anything they get along well. None is ultimately better than the other, some people prefer to surround themselves with alpha males, while others prefer to surround themselves with beta males. Some women are attracted to alpha males, while other women are attracted to beta males. Though, it would be correct to say that when it comes to sex, most women want to be dominated and that is likely why alpha males are considered hot.

What it means to be an Alpha male or a Beta male
What it means to be an Alpha male or a Beta male
What it means to be an Alpha male or a Beta male
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  • SWLondon
    Alpha/Omega or Alpha/Beta are stereotypical boxes used to label people and the science behind it is very much contested. How about happy and healthy. When people are most comfortable and accepting of themselves they become their best person. Both male and females will exhibit both feminine and masculine Societal tendencies from time to time which would be equated to Alpha or Beta. The real question is why do we try to put a box around what is feminine or masculine and then label men/women with it? By default an Alpha would demonstrate no feminine qualities which can and will impact their mind and self. Labelling people paints them into a corner in how they show act and feel, and then when presented with different feelings or thoughts and if not accepted this can cause significant harm.
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    • Rexos

      The science is not contested, it was never a thing to begin with. It was an invention by an ex pick up artist who doesn't believe in it anymore, inspired by a study of wolves, not humans, that has been disproven by the same person who conducted it. Both books that spread this misinformation were followed up with books by the same authors explaining why they were wrong.

  • Rexos
    It means believing in nonsense pseudoscience disproven by the exact same people that created it in the first place.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • MzAsh
    Good mytake. In longer term relationships, it’s imperative for a woman to find a man with both alpha and beta qualities as you have described them here.
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    • Anonymous

      Though some women choose to settle for an alpha male, while others choose to settle for beta males. Some date alpha males and befriend beta males, while others avoid alpha males altogether, and some experience alpha males but only settle for beta males. I think most women try and look for alpha and beta qualities in one man, which as you said is imperative.

      Different choices taken by different girls and different women. Whatever they think works for them is ultimately the best choice for them, in my opinion.

  • nerdybutlazy
    Honestly, I dont think the beta or alpha males are any different.
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  • lookingforsomereal
    god, we are not wolves! I'm so sick of this alpha beta B. S. it isn't accurate. Psychology doesn't even agree, like, it's not even contested. There are no Alpha males, or Beta males in human culture. ITS WOLVES!!!
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  • dawsonnata
    this is funny ,,,, i think we evolve past it in few generations
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  • bradc00
    Alphas are the guy other men want to be and the majority of women want to ****
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  • jammyjohnnnnn
    Why worry about a label? All this is just incel bs that went out of hand. Labeling men as alpha/beta/chad/soyboy/etc are all just a farce. Just be happy being you, don't try to twist a label or twist yourself into one. It will ruin your social life if all you care about is "What type of male are you?". They're stereotypical personalities and labeling others is one of the most vacuous things someone can do. There's no reason to do it other than to either put others down/create divides among others. It's dumbing down a very complex and interesting being to a single label. I would much rather date someone who is more interested in living life happily and being themselves rather than some person whose only personality trait is an incel concept and doesn't allow themselves to be who they are.
  • dpy87
    Where ever you found this info it doesn't sound that bad to be a beta.