Life: Your Story your Choices

You might know the consequences behind the door but making a choice is necessary to move forward.
You might know the consequences behind the door but making a choice is necessary to move forward.

According to me our life is our story . It's not just any story it is an "Interactive Story".

Now for those who do not know what an interactive story is, it is a story which has multiple endings and you get an ending based on the choices you make.

So coming back to the point that I think our life is an interactive story because from childhood when we are born we have to make our own choices. What we want to eat, what we want to become, how we want to live our life. These choices make our story.

But always remember this that only you can be the hero or villian of your story cause your decisions are yours to make. Never think that a "prince charming" or a "warrior princess" will sweep in and save the day for you, that's not going to happen. Each and every person in your life plays only the role in your story. The power to change your Story is always in your own hands.

As a great man said once who was called 'Spiderman' - "that with great power comes great responsibility", and in our case that power is the power to choose and the responsibility is our future and others related us. So remember this that each and every choice we make has a consequence, there is no way of knowing what the consequence will be exactly so you have to be careful with your choice.

I know many of you will think that all the choices are not in our hands and I 'partially'agree with you because our decisions are affected by the society we live in the belief system we follow and the people we know but the can only influence our decision not force it. The biggest belief system you should focus is believing in yourself. So even though our choices can be influenced but they are still our choices to make.

Never be afraid of the consequences too much that you start overthinking and don't make any choice cause then you will be stuck in one place and not move forward.

So believe in yourself and make choices wisely cause your Choices are what makes your story and makes you the hero or villian of your story. Just try to make the choice you think is correct according to you.


Life: Your Story your Choices
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  • Heavenly_

    I also think our stories are linked but we can't realize most of them because every action prepares our future. So i hope we can make the future great.

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    • SunnySri

      That is extremely true sir, very well said.
      I hope so too that we can make the future great not only for ourselves but for other's as well.

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  • Brainsbeforebeauty

    Very nice take 👍🙂