How guys turn into a "beta simp white knight" (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

You must be wondering with a burning sensation... How does one become a simp or a white knight or be labeled as blue pilled? How do you achieve being called such names by the strangest users, that you've never met (and never will meet) of the internet? You don't even know their names and yet such judgmental calls might linger for a bit longer than you would have expected.

Respect women

That's about it. Respect women as much as you respect men and the others.

They don't owe you anything. You don't owe them anything. SIMP-Le as that. Any acts of kindness are coming out of your own voluntary courtesy.

But perhaps you need an explanation how to do that. I got you covered.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

It will be the easiest that I bring up examples to get across the general idea and then the take-away of it. You will notice the pattern. In none of these examples you expect the girl(s) to be romantically or s e xually interested in you.

Example 1: A lady (coworker, customer, stranger, librarian, guest, whatever) accidentally dropped her pen and you happen to be near the dropped pen. You pick up the pen and hand it to her. She looks into your eyes and thanks you.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 2: You were assigned homework from the university. You are good at the subject but one of your female classmates struggles with the subject. The teacher isn't the nicest nor that helpful because the teacher cares more about making a living. So she asks you to help her complete the assignment, which doesn't require you spending hours on it. You help her complete the assignment and she thanks you kindly with those puppy eyes.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 3: You decide to compliment a woman, that you know and fancy. Nothing over the top, just a genuine compliment. You like her new hairstyle you told her. Or her unique outfit or dress or jewelry or her new perfume caught your attention. You just made her day better.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 4: A lady you know for a while is taken and recently confesses to you about her getting tired of her boyfriend, who increasingly gets more and more abusive. You know better not to tell her "just dump him" but you just listen to her and be there for her and give her some hugs.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 5: You work with customers and fortunately for you your usual customers are nice people. Especially some ladies come by more often and you know them. You can have chit chats with them ladies, catch up on what's been happening since last time and cheer them up and wish them a fantastic time in this beautiful and sunny day. They giggle and you enjoy doing that and practicing being charming with the ladies.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 6: Nothing special. You know it's basic social etiquette to hold doors open. You hold open the door for the guy behind you, he thanks you and all is good. You hold open the door for a girl behind you, she thanks you and... guess what? Somehow you broke an unspoken rule for someone on the internet

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 7: You happen to share an interest with a girl. For example you can cook and you decide she can try out your meal and get her feedback. Or you go shopping for new clothes (for yourself or herself) and asked her to come with you to do the shopping together and she can help you pick something nice looking.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 8: Your female coworker, classmate or friend got hospitalized and you are not far away from her to give her a visit and maybe bring a few things she might need from the outside to her to support her just because.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 9: You absolutely abhor the oppressive ideas, that many guys keep saying: "women shouldn't work", "women shouldn't drive", "women shouldn't study", "women belong chained to the kitchen and make me sammiches and bring beer", "she must suck my c o c k, have big b o o b s, be a virgin and experienced in bed". You shake your head and do not approve of putting women down to what appears to be the underprivileged 2.nd class citizen category. You speak up your mind about it and be banished from their "friendships". You might even take it a step further and encourage women to become financially independent.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

Example 10: A woman you know is invited to a free dancing event but she has nobody to go there with. She asks you to go dancing with her (you might not even know how to dance). You accept.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)

That should be enough examples. The general overall idea here is that the weird internet users will look down on you and brand you as a simp white knight for not seeing women as possessions, slaves, subhuman, whatever. If you treat women with basic human decency, you are good to go to be a blue pilled simp white knight.

Here's a tip: Own it. Take pride in being called a simp white knight and be at peace with it. You do not need their approval or respect. If you don't smoke nicotine, you do not enter into friendships powered by peer pressure of smokers. Decades ago society used to shame homosexuals but nowadays it's nothing out of the ordinary. You can think of "simp white knight" as the new and modern "Ew, that's gay. Are you gay?" cliche. Be in complete harmony in yourself and the world around you. You do not give a damn who calls you what and why.

But hold on a second! Women can't be simps. Or can they? I argue women too can be simps and white knighting for men. It's just not that often heard of. Bad news usually are reported more often than good news. And you know what? Misery loves company.

How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)
How guys turn into a beta simp white knight (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)
How guys turn into a "beta simp white knight" (or as MGTOW calls it: blue pilled)
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  • AdithyaR
    Wow that was beautiful!
    I read the title and expected some some weird alpha male sexism but man you wrote an amazing piece of work here. Really awesome sir!
    I'm happy knowing I've followed all of the examples you've mentioned, except 10 cause I'm scared of dancing with other people around.
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  • zagor
    Anyone who uses terms like beta, simp and cuck is just defining themselves.
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  • btbc92
    That is not a simp. That is a gentleman. A simp is basically a man who doesn't have boundaries or backbone and just tolerates bad behavior from others, particularly a woman. That doesn't make all of them like that. They just need boundaries and be with women who equally appreciate them. I really hope that this is satire. Because if not, this mytake is toxic.
    • Anonymous

      Point is that the internet blues call these guys simps and white knights. Nothing wrong with being either. At least simps and white knights actually interact with women 🤣

    • And, a doormat reacts with your shoes from time to time, as well.

      What they both have in common is, both get walked all over. Though, only one gets laughed at, constantly.

    • "Simp" and "gentleman" are basically equivalent words but the former arose in today's non-chivalrous society as a derogatory or humorous way of describing the same thing. What constitutes a "simp" or a "gentleman" is down to one's own boundaries so they are essentially the same thing, a man who shows what would be considered a high level of courtesy to a woman.

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  • Azura_88
    If according these blue trolls being a normal human or a gentleman equals being a simp, then the ones with unnecessary ego, conceit and superiority complex are dick less cunts who keep on judging you.
    They're not men but cunts because deep down they're jealous of women and can't stand if one woman gets treated with respect.
    • Anonymous

      You got it 😊

    • Azura_88

      Thanks for writing this mytake. You expressed my exact thoughts.

  • lightbulb27
    Very well written. I've lived this and I've paid the price for it as well as I did it wrong for the wrong reasons.

    There are some fine lines here. People will try to label you, it's a way to define and control you, to say "you are hurting yourself doing that".. be forewarned... or to put you down. who knows their motives? Thus, don't listen to people other than those you know and trust.

    Being true to yourself seems healthy, live it sounds right.. until it isn't.

    There is a "simp" that seems good to society, nice to people, connect with them and be their shoulder to cry on... and they will treat you like a girlfriend, be the side freak show as I ended up more than once. Is that ok? I've been that person and it feels good to care for others and make human connections and feel important, but got me nowhere but friendzoned by women for long time. No family of my own.

    They won't value you, that's the point others are making. So you have to check within yourself, why are you doing something, own it as you said, and is that what you want. I think that's the key question..."What do you really want and why"? What is your goal, be true to yourself. Then re-check if that's what you really want and is good for you.

    Had I spent more time reflecting what I was doing, my motive, healing, I'd have changed courses and held to a different line.

    Life can be a real challenge as we learn about ourselves, navigate society, learn about love, life, who we are, and the meaning of our lives... while having a finite clock ticking.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Should we have a national "simps" pride month?
    • Anonymous

      You are most welcome.
      We simps don't need a pride month. Be pride ourselves basically all the time. When others call us simps and white knights (for not hating women), that's all the pride we need. Others do it for us. In the end it shows more about them than it does about us. Needless to say half of the blues here have either completely missed the points or did not comment anything of value at all.

  • NightHawk99
    Any brothers that read this... none of these examples are real simps.

    A REAL simp always sides with women even when they're in the wrong. Because... Well... They have vaginas. If a girl falsely accuses a guy of rape, a simp would buy her story without a second thought, and will put just as much effort into demonizing the accused as the accuser. He would even let women physically assault him regardless of their intentions because "you just don't hit women."

    A REAL simp does LITERALLY EVERYTHING for a woman just so he gets between her legs every night. There's many other terms for that specific kind of simp - pervert, fuckboy, etc. While it's never wrong to make sacrifices for the well being of a significant other, it would be absolutely ridiculous if you bought her makeup every time she ran out, or bought her expensive ass clothing every time she asked. There's a difference between that and a nice gift.

    And worst of all... If a simp isn't already with a woman, he's desperately trying to be. Sometimes, their constant failure triggers anger inside them, and they start behaving in more nasty ways. A lovely GAG user asked about how to confront these losers, because one kept making new accounts to harass her after she condemned him for unsolicited pictures. Yes... Some simps like to just send nasty pics right off the bat. And some really don't care who they're sending them to as long as they suit whatever preferences.
  • Lliam
    That was so funny! LOL
    So basically, any guy who treats women with courtesy, kindness or respect is a simp. Any guy who is a decent human being or acts like a gentleman is a simp.
    A non-simp is a guy who is so insecure about his masculinity that he puts on fake macho airs because he's afraid that people will see him the way he sees himself: a lonely, weak, victim with low self-esteem.

    Given that, I'll wear my simp badge with pride.
    • Anonymous

      Exactly! 👍👍👍

  • Floppy2112
    I actually didn't know what SIMP meant until very recently. This new fangled lingo comes out so fast one can barely keep up. I feel bad for simps, because at one point when I was young, I guess I was one. I idolized women and thought they could do no wrong. Then I went full MGTOW for a couple of years, though there was no word for it in the 90's and as far as I could tell, I was the only one I knew. I can tell you this, those were the best years of my life. There is such a rich life out there when you are not concerned about chasing tail.
    I did whatever I wanted, when I wanted, because I wanted to. Willfully shutting down your sex drive is possible, it's not easy, but it's possible. And once you do, freedom! Of course, I was young and had no responsibilities, unfortunately I had to grow up and join the human race. But, what a ride! I had so much fun, I traveled, hiked, camped, and saw the world. And a bunch of other things I am not sure the statute of limitations has run out on yet. It was a magical time, but like all good things, it had to end. However, it's the only part of my life I would gladly relive.
    It was a perfect sliver in time, everything worked out, all the traffic lights were green all the time. Then I met a girl... The end.
  • ChrisMaster69
    Good My Take and actually fairly accurate.

    it was not until I joined GaG, that I had actually heard the word or even thought about the fact guys could actually be arseholes to women.

    I think day 1 or day 2 I realised an entire group of ‘Alpha’ 😂😂😂 guys where pretty much bullying any post by a girl.

    Now I can be and often am a complete twat, so it’s just a natural thing for me to speak out what I believe. This instantly puts you against everyone that hates women, hates anyone not straight etc.

    What I have noticed is a common thread, a number of those calling themselves ‘Alphas’ 😂😂😂 are on the girl bulling questions, also those bullying anyone who is bi , gay or lesbian, on the against abortion, and quiet a few on racist type posts, obviously a bit of a common theme.

    Then of course you have those random Pink Anons that suddenly Wade in against their own sex in support of the Blue Alphas … strange thing is, a lot use the same sentence structure and grammatical mistakes, just saying…

    my view is usually simple,, 3 guys picking on a girl simply because she is a girl,,, do nothing or help her out.

    well for some pink Anons they obviously join their brothers in arms.

    Everyone would obviously help the girl….. yes?

  • CallmeTheKnight
    According to these red pill, psuedo-alpha males, and MGTOW, If a man does anything outside of sex with a woman is basically a SIMP these days. I'm so tired of hearing that word from men who probably never talked to a woman or has been rejected many times because he has no skills. I was called a simp for having a girlfriend at one point

    That red pill will destroy the lives of many men if they make that the only way to see the world.
    • Anonymous

      That is absolutely correct!

    • joeblow123


      What happened to your girlfriend?

  • MzAsh
    To a Mgtow, if you’re not a miserable jackass like they are, then you’re not a simp.
    Fuck em. I love simps!
    • Mgtows usually are happy with their lives. I think you meant Incels. Theyre the ones that hate women. Mgtows just choose not to deal with women in long term relationships

    • MzAsh

      Mgtow can be just as bad though when they can’t get a relationship to work on their terms.

    • Then its the womans fault for staying if its on his terms anyways. Men are the gatekeepers for relationships and women are the gatekeepers for sex.

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  • MysteriousDarkness
    If helping a woman out and or treating her with respect gets you called a sinp or white knight then so be it. It's online where you are most likely to be called a simp or white knight. If anyone cannot handke you be being a decent human being towards women then that's their problem not yours.
    • Anonymous

      Exactly. The thing is we'd do the same for fellow men but we aren't being called simps for it 🙃

  • VanillaSalt
    If you not only fail to call out a woman’s bad behavior but condone or even encourage it…

    You might be a simp.

    If you white Knight for a woman on the basis of her gender rather than the merit of her argument…

    You might be a simp.

    If you have double standards for women as compared to men…

    You might be a simp.

    If you think she will choose you because you defended her from the “asshole”…

    You are probably a simp.
  • MLGbreezy
    I really hate the terms beta and simp , no one was talking bout this like that till the terms got popular. It feels more like a trend more then an actual way to help guys and have them get done real growth. And the truth is you really don't need to be alpha to get girls or even some high quality girls you just gotta know wtf your doing.
    • Qdbrown

      There is a definition for everything these days. I think it's interesting and even helpful.

      For starters real alphas don't know their alphas. They don't care. The guys who think they can fake it before the make it are just pathetic. There is no making yourself into anything than a actor for an evening. Most provider beta types show their true selfs once they think they have the girl interested. Once she feels duped, she is going to be gone. Better to just be yourself.

    • dray995

      How does a non-alpha get a girl?

    • joeblow123


      Go to youtube and search for pick-up artists videos. That should help you out.

  • Chthou95
    A simp is guy who worships or puts a girl on a pedestal even though he has no chance is aware she has a boyfriend but still wants to make her a top priority and be there for her because he desperately wants her to be with him. That's the true definition of a simp
    • Anonymous

      Correct idea. However in practice this word is being tossed by the internet blues towards men, that don't hate women.

    • Chthou95

      I don't hate women but i also don't put them on a pedestal. But you'll always have people generalizing eveything and categorizing

    • Anonymous

      True that

  • kespethdude
    These scumbags calling people "simps" are really closet homosexuals. Cash me outside, how about that?
    • Anonymous

      Woah, chill. That would be insulting towards the homosexuals. As far as I am aware homosexuals are friendlier than whoever uses such words like "simps" or "beta".

  • hahahmm
    A "simp" assumes all women are honest/truthful/victims of men. I only respect people to the degree that they earn/deserve respect. That goes for men & women. By default you don't deserve respect based on your genitals. This is holding people accountable for their actions instead of begging them to like you and avoiding all conflicts. The idea that a woman shouldn't be held accountable for her choices/actions is laughable to me.

    That said, if you want to be a "simp", that's your right. Just don't come crying when women dump you for guys who don't act like you.
  • Mofunfour20
    they do it because their mothers told them to hold the door open, and put the toilet seat down. Simps dont understand their true masculine purpose and value because the emotions they have cloud their judgement. Why dont women hold the door open for men, or leave the toilet seat up for men if they expect us to risk our lives to protect them?
    • Goatmeal

      So my true masculine purpose is to not hold the door open or put the toilet seat down?

    • @Goatmeal your purpose is what you decide to dedicate your life to. It can't be a person because people can't be controlled. The door and toilet seat were examples of how men should value themselves first

    • I hold the door open for whoever's behind me, despite being a girl. And if I see someone who is having trouble even after I'm far inside I'll go open it. Regardless of gender. It's not a guy thing, people just don't pay attention when a girl does it.

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  • StunningANDbrave
    Such a good boy you are on your knees for people that don't care about you, in every one of your points here you failed to mention that women do not at all do any of this shit for men especially strangers. The problem with simps is that they operate on a hidden contract where they think doing all of this shit will make women like them so they can fuck them later, at least players are honest about what they want. Sinps would rather do it covertly and in a way that will turn women off.
    • Ninjazzed

      Simps think random acts of kindness towards women will grant them free sex vouchers.

      Players are just desensitized shitheads without a conscience or any redeeming qualities.

    • Ninjazzed

      Players also aren’t honest in the slightest, that’s why they’re called players. They string women along and promise them a relationship when they only have intentions for sex.

    • joeblow123


      And yet women will choose players over simps.

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  • Ilittles
    Mgtow has many points that are valid that every young male should be made aware of. Though a proper mentor will have to teach them to be discriminsting wih their thought,

    Though many young men are unaware of certain behaviours displayed by some women. The key is to mentor them into learning these red flags. There is also something called purple pill which is a male is is aware of the game and is red pilled but also chooses to marry and procreate.
    • joeblow123


      If he is a red pill I'm sure he took precautions that a blue piller would not be aware of when getting involved with a female.

    • Ilittles

      @joeblow123 looks like there are a few simps disliking 😆😆
      Being red pill away makes for a man protectin his assets. In no way should a spouse ( malenor female) be entitles to thebothers assets earned/gained before marriage. Though blue pillers and the people seething at my comments need to understand basic statisical facts. One sex is generally shafted across all things related to family law, no one offs, only overalls.

  • Gray-Wisp
    Most people doing the things that you list ARE SIMPING. They're not doing it because they're "good" they're doing it because they're trying to get laid or they think all women are Queens. Many forms of simping also involve throwing away your values or preferences in order to please a woman. I can understand why they're practically forced to do this with the state of modern women but the fact remains that simping is more common than not simping.
    • Gray-Wisp

      A perfect example of simping would be a guy that I know. He became a druggie in order to get a girl to like him because she was a druggie. It worked, he got sex. But at what cost? Typical simp.

  • Overmind
    Respect is not a commodity doled out to all sundry; it's *EARNED*. I do agree that people would serve themselves better by losing their expectations of others. The universe is a mirror & you get back what's projected so there's an odd bit of irony in that:)
  • Poppykate
    Love this! ❤️ Be kind and generous with your time and small acts of kindness… the world will be a nicer, and more gentler place to live.
    • *sucks an asshole's dick minutes later*

    • @otaku_owl_91 well expressed and that folks... is the friction point in the issue. the women need to feel the masculine on the other side... can be nice and helpful or not. If they don't feel the masculine intent, no amount of nice gonna help and puts them in simp land. its more of how we project our intent... that doesn't stop someone from being nice. practiced it all enough to figure out what I think. make sense?

    • joeblow123


      Would you date him?

  • hi_it_is_me123
    Lol mgtow incels dislike your take just because you dont hate women. The word simp is overused and it originally meaned when a guy worship women but nowdays not hating women makes you a simp. If you dont want to be called simp, you have to hate women. If women behaved the way these people act who call gentlemen simp, these women would be called feminazis. I also love the memes
    • @hi_it_is_me123. No. A simp is a man who lacks any self respect. Simps will defend women no matter how much abuse they heap upon them. Simps will rationalize the worst female behaviour and defend women no matter what. The worst part of Simps is that they think Simping will get them laid, little do they know women detest them.

    • Did i say the opposite? The word Simp is overused. originally meaned what you said but now being nice aka not hating on women makes you simp.

    • I literally see fucking retards calling men simps for helping their tired, exhausted/ ill wife/girlfriend when their girlfriend/wifes need help. You have to be so called player aka a piece of shit if you dont want to be called simp. The funny thing is, it only make men if loving/caring for your partner makes you simp, then i prefere simp and i have no problem with simping for my partner lol

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  • spartan55
    So tired of all of these overused and misused hate buzzwords.
  • Jaysonava
    Clearly the 'simp' people are referring to asshole girls and the guys that they try to manipulate.

    If these guys weren't insecure and obsessed with status then they wouldn't be bothering with these types of women. I hate manipulation games. It's a sign that someone doesn't have any life going one.

    I just ignore the whole crowd simps being pathetic, 'alphas' being obnoxious and negating everyone else, bitchy women talking endlessly about themselves.

    I don't like people who are obsessed with manipulation. It's annoying. Even if I'm at work and it's my livelihood to deal with these people I just zone out. And if i am fired for not acknowledging the hierarchy, so be it. Don't care.

    You can't pay me to suffer fools.
    • Anonymous

      Interesting approach. I will employ some of these things myself. Not recognizing these words "beta simp white knight". There are however Alpha particles and Beta particles 😀

  • HiveBee
    Simp seems to be a very over used word.

    But, there's a lot of dudes who struggle with women. They dont know what to do.

    I think all this red pill and simp stuff is a result of that single basic fact. Too many men dont know how to you know... get a girl. Dates, sex, love, and such.

    And since they dont know what to do, their ignorance mixes together spectacularly to create these bizarre ideologies.

    The problem is, what is the alternative that will actually teach men how to be attractive to women and even the playing field between the sexes.

    What resource can dispel red pill myths and provide a convincing and healthy alternative?
    • Goatmeal

      I am one of those guys. I read some material based on evolutionary psychology that was somewhat helpful. But I am skeptical that the playing field will ever be "evened". My impression is that nature operates with an excess of men, and many of us just aren't "destined" to reproduce. Women select the "best" guys to do that with.

  • Celtero
    To be fair, Eren did save Mikasa when they were children so she was kinda indebted to him. Light fangirl though... yeah, female simp I guess.
  • hellionthesagereborn
    No, that is incorrect. Being a simp is treating women BETTER then you do men, to not respect women but to see them as SUPERIOR to men. Chances are you are a simp because you treat them better then they treat you, better then you would treat a man, all in a vain attempt to have them see you as worthy of their presence because that is what a simp is and everything you have stated reeks of rationalization.

    Respecting women is completely separate from this, respecting women is traditionalism not simping.
    • KatieCC

      Thought I'd address that second bit, respecting women is a display of basic human decency, treat others how you want to be treated, dude this is kindergarten lvl shid. Traditionalism is a whole nother ballpark, it's pretty dangerous to say women should only be afforded respect when conforming to traditionalist roles, and hella sexist given those roles by the way. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt here and say that wasn't your intention, still, it was the only conclusion I could draw given your wording.

      Pretty sure the definition of simp wasn't what was being debated by OP, he was tryna say that simp is a catch-all phrase that holds very little meaning anymore given its over-usage in out-of-context situations, and that men shouldn't feel insulted by the label as it's often used to put down men with basic decency. This isn't to say your definition of simp is incorrect, I actually fully agree, but the word has been detached from that meaning over time.

    • @KatieCC My point was that traditional behavior is respecting women, not pandering to them which is more common today. At no point did I suggest women should conform to traditional roles or that they should only get respect if they conform to traditional roles (not sure how you came away with that) and no, it is not dangerous to suggest that (which I didn't do) just irrational.

      If that is the conclusion you drew, it is because that is the conclusion you wished to draw. If their was confusion you could have inquired as to what I meant and I would have clarified that by traditional I mean the normal every day interactions we traditionally use to interact i. e. respectful behavior, not the more common "progressive" form of behavior we use now where we treat women like they are incappable of making their own decisions, are incappable of being responsible for their own actions, and pandering to them at any given time. If you asked instead of presumed you would have realized at no point was I refering to traditional behaviors (though traditional relationships and interactions do bring women the most happiness it is not something that I feel should be forced upon anyone).

    • @KatieCC As for the definition of simp, yes it was being debated because he just argued that respecting women isn't being a simp, so he is literally arguing that the term is being misused i. e. its definition is in fact being debated.

      As for saying its a "catch all" no its not, it is very specific, a man who panders to women and treats them as if they can do no wrong is considered a "beta/white knight". That is a very specific terminology. Blue pill specifically refers to men who do not realize that women are human beings and thus are motivated by the same flawed and selfish characteristics we find in men which for quite some time society has opted to completely ignore to the detriment of men who don't understand this. Again, very specific terminology which by extension means it is not a catch all or over used.

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  • Silver158
    Would I be branded a simp for punching a guy in the face for calling me a simp?
    • Anonymous


    • Silver158

      that's fine then

  • Pyrofox
    To me they just come off as too desperate to even bother with lmao. As they are obviously just. Chasing women. At their own expense blindly.
  • Shihab91
    The truth is there are simps and there are women hater. Play it smart and don't give a shit what others think
  • Ryfyle
    A whole Cracked. Com article dedicated to defending why you shouldn't be sent to the Simp Shredder, How pathetic.
  • Rok4bakAR
    They both suck!!
    Become a lion. Fk everything.
    And you see how dated you’d become for being a manly man.
  • Dargil
    I judge a girl by her attractiveness and character. I AM going my own way.
  • Sarahr123
    I hate simps.
    • @Sarahr123. You should hate Simps! Simps are the fake "nice guys" who dance around saying/doing anything a woman wants then they get pissed when she dates someone else.

  • KrakenAttackin
    This is the most pathetic my take I have seen on GAG.
    • bones0271

      Rofl 🤣

    • joeblow123


      I thought it was a prank post at first but this guy is serious. Not only that but other simps are coming out of the woodwork and supporting him. Not only that but they are embracing their simp tendencies. Single moms and cam girls will make out like bandits before this is over.

    • @joeblow123 Maybe it's a "Simp Trap", like a Roach Motel. At least we can identify the most pathetic simps.

      What these IDIOTS don't realize is that simps get no respect (or sex) from women. Simps are the errand boys, bitches, door mats, of the world.

      Simps are the core of Only Fans subscribers, which shows just how deep Simpdom goes.

      Fucking pathetic and disgusting.

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  • Unbeatable
    Simps are feminine. Purge all femininity from your mind. Reclaim your genuine kindness.
    • joeblow123


      A man's kindness is his light side. His rage is part of his dark side. Both are masculine. Men do not have a feminine side any more than women have a masculine side.

    • Unbeatable

      @joeblow123 Ego can act feminine.

  • joeblow123
    Situation number one: I would pick up the client's pin for her. It would look good on me as an employee of that company. My only interest in her is her money.

    As far as helping someone who is handicapped gender should not be a factor.

    Don't do her homework for her. It just makes you look weak and if you are caught she will throw you to the wolves.

    As far as animation goes I only watch animation created by Seth McFarlane. I know even less about anime so I have no idea what you mean by your illustrations of female simps,
  • EnglishEuropean
    Gentleman: Examples 3, 5, 6, 8
    White Knight: Example 9
    Simp: Examples 1, 2, 4, 10
    Simp + Gay: Example 7
  • otaku_owl_91
    Honestly, I'm tired of the word "simp", but beta and blue-pilled are ok. Here's the reality behind the red-pill: it states that respect can still be given while acknowledging the true reality behind female nature. The "women always fall for assholes" stereotype is actually true. There are plenty of examples of women saying that they prefer "sweet and charming" guys, but they're sucking an asshole's dick. They will never tell you what their subconsciously attracted to: masculinity and dominance. The moment they sense that a man is weak, they start to lose respect and the cheating will begin. In a nutshell, there's nothing wrong with being a blue-pilled guy. Just don't complain when she's giving another guy head.
  • Kas19
    Talk to women? Simp.
    • Anonymous


  • msc545
    Writing something here just to get this out of my feed.
  • Stanley0987
    We had been turned into beta males when they have industrialized everything.
  • NathanDavis
    Sakura was NOT useless...
  • SaoirseS
    @Mofunfour20 Thanks.
  • JesseJayNeak
    This is beautiful. I read it again and again
  • genericname85
    simple. desparate lonelyness.
  • WowwGirl
    Still not sure what a simp is so,,,
    • SaoirseS

      From what I gather, it’s what men who are assholes and wear being an asshole as a badge of honor call men who aren’t assholes.

    • WowwGirl

      @SaoirseS huh?😳

    • SaoirseS

      Yeah that was confusing. Not enough coffee yet I guess. I’m not really clear on what a “simp” is either. Sounds to me like it’s what women haters call men who aren’t women haters.

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  • ManHater
    This poster took too man drugs.
  • dray995
    What’s a “Simp” anyways?
    • Anonymous

      A man, that doesn't treat women like garbage. Or he simply courts them.

    • dray995

      Well that just sounds like a normal guy. How can that type of guy be described as a Simp? I think maybe your definition is off.

    • Anonymous

      That's the internet for you. Never in the real world outside have I heard anybody saying "simp" or "white knight". To me it's been only a weird internet fad, that deserves little to no attention.

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  • bigslab
    White knights are bootlickers