What do guys like girls to smell like?

Not necessarily a fragrance or perfume, just smells that you find appealing/attractive... Whether it's fruity, candy like, flowery...Etc

Add the ones you dislike too!

Thanks for your answers!

(Shampoo, perfume, body wash... say what you prefer...)

Would you guys like the smell of strawberry smelling hair and a floral perfume scent?
And what do you guys think of coconut and vanilla?


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  • I think a girls natural smell is the best. No perfume is really needed, but it sweetens the deal. Also for some reason a girls hair always smells good too. I don't know, God bless women :).


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  • There are some girls that have this awesome smell that just straight turns me on, I always wanted to ask what it is, but I never had the balls to asked, I saw a girl with that smell the other day, she was hot. I think many exotic dancers use the same fragrance.

  • I find that anything a girl uses is always "her" smell and never had to complain or bad thought about thhem.. I guess I like anything girly like flowers or fruit scents like strawberry :)

  • i would love the smell of wine ! and hate to smell them with ,.. anything unpleasant

    • U like ur girls drunk?

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    • Yeah.... I think it would only turn YOU on.............

      u don't speak for the male population.

    • I don't know why people thnk that male population has to be tooo machoistic ! common guys can also like the colour pink and like chocolates and vanillas ! I guess we all did when we were tiny tots but once we grow up we tend to be more biased.

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  • im not a guy but I heard guys love vanilla! it is a natural seductive scent