Do guys like girls that smell fruity?

like scented lotions & shampoo/conditioner & perfume?

i tend to go for berry scents or stuff like vanilla so sometimes I smell sweet. I also like banana scents and most fruit except citrus-y stuff. is that a turn on, turn off, or makes no difference?


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  • My nose is pretty sensitive to aroma, I know its a girly trait of mine but I don't care. Natural soothing smells like a subtle vanilla or jasmine are great for your perfume. I have a stock of scented vanilla candles for my bedroom and my apartment in general.

    Bright fruity smells, seem a bit childish and some are far too strong and will literally gag me. Girls, I love it when your hair is scented, a fresh scent there is great. As far as lotions go, if its a subtle scent that's fine, or completely neutral that's good but having another scent mixing in with the others tends to turn my nose inside out and give me a headache. I know you're most likely doing it for our benefit but please keep it simple.


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  • i enjoy vanilla or chocolate ^.^

  • thats awesome

    i actually prefer it

    cause vanilla can get a little plain sometimes


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  • guys like everything about hot girls even if they smell really bad

  • its very childish...but it depends...because some high end stuff is a bit fruity and same time sensual like viva la juicy by juicy couture is the perfect scent! but if you buy those victorias secret perfumes that smell like green apple and crap those are kinda silly...

    u can buy good quality perfumes that have fruity notes in them that aren't too strong and won't make you smell like skittles lol...

    ive been sick of vanilla and cotton candy scents but I use the current perfumes I have of them...and omg lately, so manyyy men ask me what I'm wearing and it smells I guess vanilla/cotton candy scents are classic and never die