Am I imagining that he likes me?? WOW...I hope not!!

He and I have connected as friends at work. We like the same things and we chat while he fixes my computer. He is mid 30's. I'm a few years older, so it's not a high school crush thing.

I am always asking things about him, and he tells me in detail. He's pretty sensitive guy, and very funny! When he walks by my area, I catch him sometimes looking over at me, but when I look up, he is looking away or focusing on something else.

When I ask for his help, he is always there for me, but it's his job. Although I don't see him talking to other girls as much as he does with me. He opens up about stuff, like his pets, his mom and other "life" stuff, but we are both from the NY area growing up, and both relocated out west. So not sure if he's tying in to the similarities as friends. We live near each other and mentioned a local restaurant/bar everyone goes to. He said he loves the appetizers there. I said "we should go sometime! " and he agreed, though last week he canceled on me, but said let's do it next week. We're supposed to go tomorrow, but he hasn't mentioned anything yet. I don't know if he likes me as a new work friend. Or if he's interested in more? I'm somewhat insecure, but don't want to seem desperate, and don't want to "remind" him about this like I have nothing else on my calendar. I was just going to bring it up tomorrow morning and ask if "we're still on". Not sure. I touch him on the shoulder and back and give him knuckle bumps and stuff like that, but he has only touched me once, and that was on the shoulder. He does sit and talk, laugh with me. But when is a guy just a friend. And when does he want more?


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  • Sounds like he likes you. Why not just ask him if he is still up for some appetizers and happy hour tomorrow so you all can hang out? If he is still interested, then I would say he definitely wants to hang out with you. If not, oh well, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

    • He was totally up for it as of 5:30 yesterday. Totally flirty and fun! Today, he was mister avoider, and left at 3 without telling anyone. He was supposed to be back at 3:30, but it's almost 5:30 and no one has seen him. FLAKE, FLAKE, FLAKE.

    • Guys are just weird sometimes. You know how we can be moody, guys can be too. Maybe there are some outside factors in his personal life that you don't know about that make him act this way.

    • Update: he didn't call me 'cause he was having a roommate meltdown. He subleases from this guy, who got evicted last night. He was hoping to move at end of month (I knew about this) but now has to move this weekend. Last night he took his dogs to his sisters

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  • As a guy in the same age group, maybe he is just a little shy. Nervous of rejection if he comes forward first, and possibly afraid of loosing a friend that he is connecting with. Maybe instead of going to a local place everyone goes to, suggest instead of going to "###" maybe we can go to "@@@" I hear it is good. Maybe going to a place where you will know everyone could be a little nerve wracking knowing office rumors may start right away. Go some where quiet and you can go unnoticed by the other people. Maybe that will bring him out a little.

    • Thanks for the idea. Turns out, he has a lot of personal baggage that he has to deal with right now. I don't want to involve myself, so I don't want to add drama. I think the "familiarity' of the local place will work. Not a lot of our colleagues go there.

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  • I am in the same boat, but kudos to you for saying "we should go sometime" I bet that took some guts! I think he likes you and even if it is just friends for now it is not to say it will not turn into something even more special. Keep me posted maybe I can learn from your experience. :)

    • Well, I KNEW it was too good to be true! Yesterday he was sweet and very flirty. I asked if we were still on for thurs. and he said "yea! ". Well today he was not working near me, didn't come up at all, and LEFT at 3 pm. He's not answering his cell or text.