Why would he text me "Are you still alive?"?

Me and a couple of my friends got drunk and we were at this strange dude's house, and I wanted to leave because he was creepy and we literally just met him at the bar, and his room mate wouldn't stop harassing me so it's 3:30am and I am calling everyone in my phone, well I called my one friend Jack who I posted about who has been mad at me for no reason. I called him. No answer, so I text him.

Me: Jack where are you? I don't what to do
Me: I am stuck at this guy's house and I have no idea what to do?
(He didn't respond till 6:20am but my friend Craig ended up picking us up)

Jack: Are you alive?

Me: Oh god sorry. It was a nightmare. Heather is a stupid slut and was so adamant on going to this guy's house when he was creepy. I was in total panic mode, his friend wouldn't stop harassing me they were weird and wanted us to sleep over, and I should've left earlier, I thought my life was over lol.

Jack: I think you were being a little over dramatic lol
Me: No, Jack I wasn't. His room mate had swords and he said he wondered what it would be like to cut someone's head off with a sword lol too fucking creepy and Heather was nowhere to be found at one point. I was so scared. It was a nightmare. Luckily Craig picked us up.
Me: Sorry I bothered you. It won't happen again.
Jack: Oh stop! I was sleeping otherwise I would've came and picked you up. My ringer doesn't work on my phone and my phone only vibrates.

Me: Honestly, it's cool. I get bothered by calls at 3am lol, I bother people too much. So I just need to stop haha.

He didn't respond after that. He has been ignoring me lately you can see my other posts to know more details about that. Well I think it's rude that he would text me "Are you still alive?" When I said I was stuck at a guy's house. What do you get from all of this? He's mad? He's rude? I was rude? Tell me your honest thought. Thank you.
Why would he text me "Are you still alive?"?
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