Why did he text to ask me if I was awake?

Me and my ex broke up two months ago he dumped me. He jumped into a new relationship straight after and is still with the girl. First time I ignored him for 4 weeks after trying to text him. He texted me but it was a booty call message which I responded spoke a little then he blocked me. I ignore him again after texting him once or twice 4 weeks later again he texts me. This time with "Are you awake?" at 2am he works nights.

What was his intentions for this message? was it another booty call? or talk out of boredom. I ignored it but still wonder why he even texted me. And he blocked me the next day on whatsapp after I didn't reply. He seems to disappear and keep reappearing the more I ignore him and ignore me and disappear if I text him.
My profile picture on whatsapp was me and this guy but he's a singer but he may not be familiar as to who he is.
And we never had sex while we were together just made out .
He texted me again it just said "Hi" I ignored it. This time he hasn't reblocked me?

Is it still just out of boredom?


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  • He just wants to know if your with anyone else! bet my house on it

    • Is that in a good way or bad way? He's already with someone.

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  • He's probably doing it out of boredom. Otherwise why would he keep coming back to you?

    • Is he starting to miss me? if he does text?

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    • If you keep ignoring him, he will eventually just stop trying. However if you respond he will think he has you hooked, and he will keep messaging you.

    • Oh right I keep thinking maybe he's just missing me. I'll still ignore him though.

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  • He prob wants head or sex

    • Maybe what the guy above said? He wants to see if you moved on. It's an ego thing

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