Why does he call me when he is high?

So okay the problem is this guy that i ve been friends with since awhile we went to same school i, my then-bf and he had common things so we were hanging out a lot together. But then u bu with my bf cuz he moved to another state for school and we couldnt make distance. But this guy is also in another state. Thou after i bu, both of started talking a lot and i visited him during summer he always tells me he likes me and i am interesting and he always jokes about sex and how he is attracted to me but he is shy as well so we didn't do anything except cuddling when i visited him. And i told him i like him too and he said he wants me to move close someday. After he said he visits me and Now he visits me in Christmas and he still talks to me and compliments me but i stopped talking cuz i had no time due to school and work and we rarely texted or skyped. His bday was in Tuesday and i wrote happy birthday as a text he didn't answer until yesterday morning around 4 5 am. Then he texted me thanks how are you etc and again he told me he likes me a lot but he is drunk he is coming from his bday party with his friends and he wanted to talk to me. This is not the first time whenever he is drunk he talks to me a lot but whenever he is not drunk he doesn't reply to me for so long and he always says he is busy with work (he just graduated).. But sometimes even if he is not drunk he just sends me random photos.. Yesterday when i wrote dont text me when you are drunk he answered he likes to talk to me and now he has finally time for me and he will text and he misses to talk to me etc.. I am so confused and i dont get what he is doing. He was just not texting because i stoppped initiating since i was busy? Why is he texting /calling all the time hebis drunk (as i said not the first time maybe third or fourth)? So what is his problem? Does he like me and want a relationship or just sex or why is he always telling me to move close whenever he texts (normally or drunk doesn't matter).
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Ps: i need opniiions from guys please. The people with penises please
Why does he call me when he is high?
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