Why the hell would a GAY guy stare at a girl?

I understand when it's about straight guys. But, seriously, gay guys are attracted to guys so they should stare at them, not at a girl?

The thing is that, this guy I have 3 hours/week in my class (but don't talk to) started looking at me in the eyes, in class, out of the class. When I started wearing contact lenses. And he doesn't look away. I don't get it.

Once, a long time ago, I heard him saying in class that he didn't like staring or being stared at (at that time he didn't look at me) and that he finds it awkward.

It is weird.
And I know he is gay, everybody knows it and he also has a boyfriend. Also, I'm not attracted to him.

So why would a gay guy stare at a girl?
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He is clearly gay. He told it, has a boyfriend. He is kinda effeminate in the way he talks and in the way he behaves too.
I'm almost sure he can't be bi
Why the hell would a GAY guy stare at a girl?
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