Does he like me? Why doesn't he smile?

So about two months ago, I saw this guy in school and I stopped and was looking at him, he saw me and we glanced at each other for a few seconds before I turned away.

About a month later I was walking in the hall at school when I saw him he was looking at me, I looked down to fix my stethoscope that was falling off my neck and when I looked up he was an inch away from me bumping into him. He had his head turned away from me, body facing me, and his hand out as if he was waiting for me to bump into him to place it on my waist, I walk around him, and when when I walked past, he turned around and went in a different direction than he was going.

Last week I was talking to my friend in the hallway, from the corner of my eye I saw him coming out of the cafeteria and look at me, I continued to pay no mind to him and talk with my friend. He walked past, once he got about 10 feet away from me he turned around and looked at me, I saw him, he was right in front of me, so I just looked back at him for a few seconds until he turned away and went back to his class.

Almost everyday (once a day), I see him walking into the cafeteria, and when he comes back out he looks right into my classroom window at me.

Every time he has looked at me, he's looked at me right in my eyes, like he's trying to read my soul.

He hasn't smiled.

He doesn't look away when I catch him staring either...

I'm so confused. Does he like me?
What should I do to quicken the process of getting him to talk to me, if he does?
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Does he like me? Why doesn't he smile?
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