What does needing headspace mean?

My ex has been a yoyo since he ended our relationship 2 months ago.
One day he is pulling me in close opening up emotionally to me, making reference to having some kind of future together, hooking up etc. The next he withdraws again not wanting to talk to me or see me, this usually last about a week and he opens up again to me, he usually withdraws after becoming emotionally intimate with me.
Over the last two months when he would go quite i would ignore the behavoiur and when he come back i wouldn't make any mention on it. However i allowed my emotions this week to get to me and i asked him why he ignores me and he said he is having time to himself and needs some headspace and will be in touch.
What does he mean he needs some headspace?
Why does he open up emotionally to me then pulls away again?
I want our relationship back so dont want to ruin anything but how do i proceed from here?


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  • Here's my thinking:
    1) He doesn't feel the need to change his ways because you are accepting of them. This dude gets to treat you like a girlfriend, but not put the title on it, and you're like putty in his hands because you want him/what you had back. This is a recipe for a disaster, bc if you're settling for these actions and not confronting him about them, why would he feel the need to change?
    2) It sounds like you are a placeholder. Trust me, if this guy loved you the way you love him, he wouldn't be treating you like this. He's keeping you around, giving you just enough, until the woman he wants to be with comes along. Honestly, watch how quick that "headspace" will clear up when "the one" comes along. Your head will be spinning from the whip lash. Detatch yourself from this man. You can do better than a mindf*ck.


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