HELP!!! He sat with me at lunch?

My friend and I were in a small room doing homework and eating lunch when he walks past the door. I looked at the window in the door and he was staring right through. He only saw me when he looked through the door. He asked if he could do his homework with us. I actually got no homework done and neither did he. There's a billion places to do homework- why there- why with me?
I sort of like him because I don't know how you coudnt. What signs of flirting should I look out for if he does.. And what should I do to be able to get to be around him more? I'm so confused HELP! Thanks!


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  • well I wouldn't choose to sit with someone if I didn't at least think of you as a friend. Highly possible he is interested... but I wouldn't say it is a sure sign of it.


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  • he sat with you because he ha dthe chance to sit with you

    i guess he's into you as wel;

  • He sat next to you cause he wanted to talk to you because he likes you.


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