Why did he like then unlike my picture?

Ok, so there's a guy that in trying to talk to on ig,. I DMed him to "network" we talked so a nice little min. It seemed like we were going to keep the convo going. I sent him a Dm but he didn't respond. Later on that night, i posted a general quote post and my caption said that i analyze everything. He commented on my post with emojis, then i began another small convo. Again I had the last comment and he didn't reply... then i posted another quote post about culture and he liked the post, then unliked the post. He did this before when i first added him. (he liked about 3 of my pics, then unliked them...) When he did reply to me he seemed eager and excited to speak so i dont know what to think. Im a little confused... is he interest in talking to me?


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  • Start playing hard to get stop being the last to reply and do you always like his pictures and comment on them?

    • no, we recently became ig friends. Like for about a week. We met at this national meeting briefly so he knows me.

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  • You met him online...

    • no, i met him briefly at a meeting

  • Liking a picture does not really indicate interest in you. Maybe just talk to him for a while and see if he contacts you first.


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