Why do guys say mixed girls are prettier than full black girls?

why do guys think mixed girls are prettier than full black girls like me? what's wrong with me?


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  • Nothing is wrong with you, Sweetheart!!! There is something wrong with the world's MENTALITY!!!

    Most black men prefer light skin women because they think the lighter the better (prettier, good hair, pretty eyes). Some men i know prefer light skin women because when they have kids they want their kids to come out light skin. The society we live in makes people ( men ) think the lighter the girl the cuter she is. for example in rap videos the main girl (9 out of 10) is allways lite skin. But this isn't something that jus started. Back then the lighter you were, the better you were treated. It sad that most black men only see light skin women as their only option, but true. I hope I answered your question!! Good luck, Sweetheart and stay strong!!! Dark women are just as beautiful as light women... Maybe even more. (;


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  • Black girls are a weird one for me. I can go a really long time without having any real interest, then all of a sudden I see one I find attractive and the jungle fever immediately sets it.

    It passes after a little while, but it's just a sporadic occurrence for me.

    • what type of black girls you find attractive? and why you go so long without a real interest?

    • Full black girls, not mixed race but genuinely black. I guess to go into full detail I've always liked black girls' asses, that kind of thing. I don't know, it's hard to explain entirely.

      And why I go so long I honestly don't know, as a white guy I guess my focus is primarily set on white women since that's mostly all I see, but when I then see a black girl I like it's 'exotic', I guess. I also quite like how forward black girls can be sometimes, but now I'm just generalising.

  • Nothing is wrong with you some guys just have preferences that you won't meet, but you'll also meet guys with preferences you can meet.

    • there is a general preference and opinion that mixed girls are prettier than full black girls. even on tv, black men are paired with a mixed or white girl. its one of the reasons why i dont watch tv

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    • maybe they dont say it around you but they do around me

    • It is what it is I guess.

  • there's all sort of pretty girls mixed or pure blood. It doesn't matter.

  • i m not into black girls... even half blacks.


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  • Nothing is wrong with you. Some people just find mixed people "exotic".

    Trust me, you are fine the way you are.

    • How come Im not exotic? I have a hair type that is not common

    • Someone actually could find you exotic.
      You know how when someone who was born in a different country than you visits your country, they have a different accent and everything? You find them exotic and somehow are strangely attracted to them.
      Trust me, there is a whole world out there that probably finds you exotic.

  • Nothing is wrong with you!
    Everyone just had preferences, the guys around you - their preference seems to be mixed girls but there are guys who LOVE women with darker skin; my father is one of them (I'm mixed) so you will find a boy like that but it can be frustrating finding that someone.
    I hope that everything is good for you :)

  • A lot of people think lighter= better.


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