He saved my dirty snapchat?

I've been talking to this absolutely STUNNING guy on this app and he's leaving town in a week so it's obvious that were trying to hook up. He asked to see full body pics and I sent him 2 cute ones but I also sent him one in my bra and underwear (not bad) and have screen shot it right when I told him not to save it!!! He told me "dam you have such nice curves," I told him to delete it and he hasn't txted back. He also told me before he was going to do his "happy hour" (masturbation) so it's possible he's going to use the pic to jerk off too. I'm nervous. What should I do? I look really good in the pic but I just don't want to be exposed.
+1 y
My face isn't in the pic, but now he's saying his phone glitched or something. At least there's no proof its me
He saved my dirty snapchat?
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