If his eyes widen everytime he sees me?

This guy who is at my bus stop and at my high school keeps looking at me this way. For example, if he sees me coming from afar in the corridor (he is standing), he'll start moving a little and will stare at me until I pass him. Or when he notices me walking past, he'll suddenly stop using his phone and follow me with eyes (I saw out of the corner of my eyes). Once, I was at a corner and he happened to walk there, noticed me, his eyes widened, kinda deep stare. I noticed once at the bus stop, I had pretty nice clothes (not provocative or anything) but he looked at me coming and that's since this day he pays really attention to me. Sometimes he doesn't look I think, but I didn't pay much attention, only when I knew I caught him looking.
He's one year younger, I don't know if it changes anything.
If his eyes widen everytime he sees me?
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