What does it mean when a boy follows a girl around?

Well , long story short..
i was walking with my guy friend and (boy that likes me) speed walked and cut in front of us. My guy friend went with his girlfriend and i was left to walk alone to class. As i was walking the boy that likes me was following me, and his classmate asked "isnt your class that way." He said: "I wanna walk this way." So i looked back and started speed walking, he cut in front of everyone and tried to walk beside me.

i looked back slightly, and i guess my guy friend tried to catch up to me. But he prevented him by cuting in front and walked beside. I tried to speed walk and get away from him, thats when i noticed he begin to walk behind me.

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I slowly observed how everyone would walk as if they were rushing to class, but i actually felt that i was being followed. He was sort of mimicking the way me & my guy friend would walk after class.

It was an incident that there was something between us for two and a half years. He never grew the courage to speak because he was shy, i was walking to the bus and he kissed some girl. I ignored and started walking with my guy friends because they were pretty cool. Then that happened
What does it mean when a boy follows a girl around?
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