Why do so many guys follow me on Instagram?

Every time I turn on my phone or I'm active on social media there's always another guy following me on Instagram or liking my selfies. I don't know them at all. some of them have a lot of followers, some of them don't. I asked them to give tbh+rates for fun and the usual range is to 8.5-8.6. A couple points above average (7)
I only post face pics (two so far). No tight dresses or boobies peeking out of a low top. I don't wear a lot of makeup and I'm pretty new to social media and I don't take selfies that well. What's up with this?
They are human traffickers..👀😕jk
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If they don't ask for you kik their just normal guys who want girls on their account
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If they ask for your kik their pervs
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They think your attractive. It's not rocket science
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+1 y
Especially since I changed my bio from "obsessed with Rhianna, music, and food" to "I'd take I sci-fi over a chick flick any day" and how when I play the piano it's a piece of myself
Why do so many guys follow me on Instagram?
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