My guy friend sometimes jokes about us getting married. What does this mean?

It's not all the time but it happened more that it should.. We've been friends for 5 years I see him as my brother.. He has done some weird stuff. Like when we were a bit tipsy he told be that he sometimes wondered why we aren't together and that we are perfect for eachother. Then he tried to kiss me...(we got past that eventually) then about four times he would either say let's get married when we passed a church and laugh when I'd give him a weird look, and he once fake got on his knees to propose as a joke while we were walking down the street and also another time when we were in the mall. (not funny).. A few months ago he actually dressed nice in a dress shirt and a nice pair of pants and took me for lunch at a bar and grill type place. Which he's never done before. I asked him why he dressed so nice and he said because he we going with me.. -_-.. We went through a muddy area and he picked me up and carried me over the puddle. A few months ago He used to think ur suppose to live with someone before u marry them.. I personally think you should Marry before u live with someone, the topic came up again and now he agrees with me. He will tell me what he wants to name his kids. And yesterday when I told him about this guy Im talking to and how he treats me a certain way that I don't like he gets really mad and sorta protectve saying he wants to knock him out.. Ece etc.. I usually ignore a this because, one.. I see him as a bro.. And two he has said he's not ready for a relationship. So he can't be into me. I really hope he's not🙏

My guy friend sometimes jokes about us getting married. What does this mean?
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